Me and my Mustang

Ford is a top name in the auto industry. They also manufacture cars in India and oen of their cars the Ford Figo has done well in the sale charts. However Ford have not introduced their iconic sports car the Mustang in India.  The Mustang is a car that has been in production for decades and during these years has undergone many face lifts.Now Ford has announced that this car will be introduced in India and it is expected to be priced at about Rs 50 lakhs. the car will certainly give a run to the Mercedes and the BMW.

I own a Ford Mustang and use it regularly in  UAE( whenever I am there). In Mumbai I use a BMW. The Mustang is something special and is a very powerful car. The car comes as a coupe with 2 doors and a retractable roof. It's a great thrill to drive the car with the roof pulled down and allow the wind to swirl around your ears. But when driving the Mustang, it's best to wear a small helmet , mainly because of the immense power the car generates. My only doubt is that the car maybe a bit unsuitable for Indian roads, but it can be used with aplomb on intercity highways like the Mumbai- Pune freeway. The car is left hand drive, but in India the right hand drive will be introduced.  Ford markets RHD cars in the UK.

The engine of the Mustang is the real beast under the bonnet. It generates awesome power and the car easily touches 240 km an hour. All models come with the 6 cylinder V6 engine . In some cars the V8 is introduced and it generates 420 BHP.The car that I have generates 310 BHP  and one can do the Dubai- Abu dhabi trip( 192 km) in one hour. What a drive!

The Ford Mustang is a racing car and in some aspects compared to other racing cars it comes cheap. The car comes with automatic 6 speed gearbox with climate control, but one will not need the AC, in case one drives with the hood down. The car is a power beast and needs careful handling. It is Fords  most popular car all over the world. I have seen many on the road in the UK and the car is very popular among the sheikhs in the UAE, though their first preference is the Rolls.

India is looking up and the introduction of the Ford Mustang will put India in the top bracket of the auto world. Such a car was long due in India.

The introduction of the Mustang will find a ready clintele in India and maybe  it will sell in viable numbers. Yes ! the roads need  a doing over in India, but a lot is being done and the inter state highways are of international standards.

The above photo is of me and my Mustang.

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