Two things a chevy cars really lack :

1. X-factor of their product

2. Image.
exactly, even post the "so called" new civic & CRV couldn't able to do well in the market... honda cars may be 'the best' in quality but whats the cost for that..?? chevy has nicely prized cruz & as well as captiva competitively.. those days are gone people started preferring VFM products than paying royalty just for the sake of brand...
when i20 first launched everyone thought 7l for a hatchback is too expensive & even the sales wasn't that good in intial days but the same product has become VFM & the sales have picked up very well post jazz launch... Jazz has a great refined engine and revvs good too, its is not the fastest car around but its good. Interiors are good too but again not the best. It is spacious too. Looks are subjective but it is good according to me,that all other engines are outdated or bad.well not at all u can, even i'm a fan of honda's engine but again what we get from the final market matters.. even a tata can make an engine like that if they couldn't tata will CKD the engine from some manufacturers for that huge tag...if u compare it with 1.2l engine, is it really worth to invest 1.5l more than the competitors just for extra 9bhp's & so called refinement, which is nowadays almost all the engine are well refined... mileage it truly depends on driving condition when specs are almost similar... in terms of performance at that price tag u can get a 100bhp 1.4 gamma engine which is very fun to drive with AT & with very good handling as well..about this u ask any i20 owners they will tell u.. the USP of i20 is interiors be it in looks, space, ergonomics, fit & finish of plastic the best in its segment...
What i meant is the honda engines score when it comes to engine refinement, topend performance and fuel economy. and thats true. 1.2 l engine is actually match for bigger 1.4l / 1.6l engines in terms of performance and at the same time beats the 1.2 l competitors in terms of efficiency. Refinement is in a different league actually.

about interiors u just take i20 which is very rich in features,good looking & as well as very spacious over jazz...

i20's wheelbase is actually higher than that of jazz's but jazz has still more spacious especially at the rear. And the boot space of 380-400 l actually matches some sedans !
The magic seats, quality of fit and finish , ergonomics are all topclass with Jazz. And yes it is better than i20. no offence.

The 8.3L price tag is a let down. Honda cannot taken the Indian public for a ride only but its brand name and I am happy to see that Jazz sales are zzzzzzzz.

It should have been priced at max 6 lakhs or so. Look at i20 with 80 bhp but still selling like hot cakes. It is because it is selling at 6 lakhs or so.

Jazz although being a good car will never sell much with that price tag, only some guys who has lots of money to spare might buy them.

What favours the beat :

1. Looks are quite impressive for a A2 segment car.

2. 3 cylinder multijet engine means it will be the cheapest and most fuel efficient diesel in its class beating the equivalant marutis and tatas

3. The spark actually rebuilt the faith among the customers providing a good experience.
Beat can built up from this growth in confidence.

4. Below fours lakh budget , except i10 most of the cars sold are actually one generation old compared to the beat !!

then why do u say jazz engine is unbelievable & to defend its prize tag u saying engine is technically sound bla bla.... anyways if cost doesn't matter any manufacturer can make a best product out of it...

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