To know more about a barcode scanner you should understand barcode. Each barcode is represented with specific symbols which are a series of bars. The strip of bar can consists of a number, character or alphanumeric character. In general a barcode consist of a start and end bar to indicate the starting and ending point of the barcode. There is an extra bar called the checksum bar whose purpose is to determine whether the barcode is correct after calculation and ensures the correctness of the barcode. And the barcode scanner’s photo sensors can read the barcodes and convert them to electrical pulses.


There are many varieties of barcode scanners models available and the usage depends on the type of industry. Some examples are desktop models, handheld and portable models. And the most popular type is the wireless barcode scanner. The names its self tell about it that it works wireless. They can connect to the base station or workstations wirelessly and can transmit data back to the terminal as long as they are within the wireless range radius. They allow you to read bar code labels from items without having to be attached to the base or computer by cord. They include a base from which they communicate much like a cordless phone and the base is responsible for charging the bar code scanner as well as communicating with it.


Where is it more useful?

Wireless barcode scanner is often used in the store industry where workers can easily handle the product and can scan a barcode. They are mainly used in industries where goods are required to move frequently. Using a wireless barcode scanner allows freedom of movement. Wireless barcode scanners are convenient than the handheld barcode scanners because they are not restricted by a cord. Benefits of using a wireless barcode scanner of any type can be very great and now they even come with Bluetooth technology. By using this technology the scanner can communicates with a range of products as long as they are also equipped with the Bluetooth technology.


Let us see some top wireless barcode scanner manufacturers. These are the lists of top manufacturing companies:

Symbol Wireless Barcode Scanner

PSC Wireless Barcode Scanner

Hand Held Wireless Barcode Scanner

Janam Wireless Barcode Scanner

And below are names of some other manufacturing companies that are not in the top list but are manufacturing Barcode Scanners of different types:


AML Wireless Barcode Scanner

HHP Wireless Barcode Scanner

Metrologic Wireless Barcode Scanner

Opticon Wireless Barcode Scanner

Percon Wireless Barcode Scanner

Unitech Wireless Barcode Scanner

Welch-Allyn Wireless Barcode Scanner


Though the wireless barcode scanner is a biggest investment, implementing a barcode system will always save your time and money. And when you want the best it is going to cost a little higher.

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