"Save Electricity"

The wonders of performed by electricity are so many that it would take a much larger space than this to
describe them all.We can speak on the telephone to our friends living in same town, or a thousand miles away,
or even in South Africa,Australia, America, or England. Without electricity this could not be done.
I want to draw the attention of one and all towards the wastage of electricity in our country.During the last
several years the consumption of electricity has been steadily rising. Since 1992 consumption of electricity
produced and supplied was 500 Megawatts and more.
The major portion of consumption was of the industrial houses, it was 250 Megawatts in 1992 but touched
350 Megawatts. Residential units consumed 100 Megawatts in 1992 but it rose to 150 in 1993. In agriculture
sector, the rise was not steep because of a satisfactory rainfall. But there was also a slight rise in consumption
in this sector from 1992 onwards.
Consumption of electricity has been rising steadily. This is because of many factors.There are change in the
standard of living and total dependence for using various gadgets of daily use of electricity.Obviously,this meant
that in the coming years electricity crisis may be sharper unless effects are made to set up more thermal or
hydel power stations.
We must check the misuse of electricity in every way.Electricity saved is Electricity produced.So we must use it
when it is necessary.

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