Movie watching is one of the best ways to get ourselves entertained. It is cheap and is a good pass time. In 1950’s people use to watch movies in a movie theater which was backward. The ventilation was not proper, the chairs were uncomfortable, the sound effects were horrible, the picture quality was poor and It was a black & white cinema with a stereo type content.However, with the introduction of a colored TV and a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) the experience of watching a movie has got improved. With these 2 devices people could sit back home and enjoy their favorite movie with their families, friends, relatives etc.

VCRs played magnetic tapes and had following advantages:
  • The entire family could sit and watch a movie video back home.
  • Were economical.
  • Had the ability to rewind and fast forward scenes.
  • Had a recording facility.
  • Consumed electricity.
  • Had poor sound effects and
  • Poor picture quality.
VCP or Video Cassette Player also played magnetic tapes however could not record. With time, improvements were made and movie CD players were introduced. Movie CD players played audio and video CDs and had following advantages:
  • Gave better sound.
  • Better picture quality and
  • Were handy.
Followed by CD players were DVD players. A DVD player played both audio & video CDs, Mp3-Mp4 files and DVDs. A DVD player was an advanced form of a CD player.
  • It saved more data
  • Gave better picture
  • Better sound and
  • Was handy
At present Multi Plexes and Home Theaters are making our movie watching experience a memorable one. A home theater delivers:
  • High quality digital sounds.
  • High definition picture quality.
  • 3D effects
  • Theater like experience.
It has almost all the features of a DVD player. It has USB slots, Desktops or Laptops connectivity slots, it saves us from going to a multi plex and from spending on the movie tickets. Philips, Sony, LG, Bose are the top most manufacturers of home theaters in India. These home theaters are easily available in the market between the price range of Rs 30, 000 – Rs 1, 00, 000+.

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