There was a time when we used to use a pocket transistor to listen to a radio, a tape recorder or a cassette player to listen to our tapes and floppies to save our data. We used to use different devices for different purposes. However, with the development in technology we have got a device which is popularly known as MP3 Player.

MP3 player of today is a finger sized multifuctional electronic device which has the following features:

  • It is trendy¬†
  • It is very handy
  • Has an outstanding output
  • Plays Mp3 files
  • Plays radio
  • Records voice
  • Has an electronic display
  • Has a computer connectivity &
  • Is battery operated

The finishing of a branded MP3 player of today is very outstanding. The manufacturers have taken care of each and every detail pretty well. The color scheme, the display, the size, the output etc are the main areas which have been worked upon and stressed. The size of an MP3 player has made it handy. It is so small that it can carried away from one place to another easily. The display is very attractive and catches every body's attention. When Mp3 files are played, it shows the titles of the songs in different colors. Similary, when a radio is switched on it displays the radio frequency. The player is capable of saving our:

  • Power point presentations,
  • Resumes and
  • Other important documents which we may require in future.

The player is capable of recording a live voice too and is helpful in recording University lectures. The player has a USB slot as well through which we can transfer data from our laptops or Desktops. The player operates through a battery which is placed at the bottom and is covered by a small lid which is not visible.

Chinese are the top manufacturers of the multi functional MP3 players. However, they do not offer any guarantee on their products.

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