Computer is a machine which works accurately and very fast. With this we can solve all complicated problems in short time with accuracy. Human beings cannot do repeatedly work with the same efficiency but computer can do the same work with no of times and any length with same accuracy. In computer we can store lot of data and programmes in it we can save data and display whenever we want.


The main parts of computer are:

C.P.U (Central Processing Unit)


Key board


Working of computer:

Computer works on the principle of Input---Process---Output

The data and instructions given to the computer is through input devices this is processed in C.P.U and results will be displayed to us through the output devices.

Input Devices:

Input devices are keyboard, Scanner, Microphone, Web camera and Mouse e.t.c

Keyboard: We give the instructions to the computer by typing the data through this keyboard.

Mouse: This is used to select item on the monitor and gives instructions.

Scanner: We can scan and save the pictures in the computer.

Microphone: This is used to record the sound.

Web Camera: This is used to record the scenes.


Analyzing the data instructions and giving results is known as Processing.

This analyzing is done in the C.P.U it reads the instructions and processes the data. This is having three units namely Control unit, Memory unit and Arithmetic Logic unit. When instructions are given to computer by input devices these are analyzed by control unit as these are stored temporarily in memory unit. These analyzed signals are sent to arithmetic unit which finds solutions for mathematical problems. After finding solutions results are sent through output devices.

Output Devices:

Output devices are Monitor, Printer and Speakers.

Monitor: This is used to see the data, graphs, Pictures etc this looks like a Television.

Printer: This is used to print the data on the paper.

Speaker: This is used to emits sound from input devices.

Uses of Computer:

Communication has becmoe fast because of computers and satellites. We can work speed, accuracy and store data in it.

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