Role of Instrumentation in Industry.
Instrument plays a big role in industry. Now almost in every industries automation system introduced. So during running time of plant we have to set some control in input and output and also during processing. These all are done in auto now a days.
So we have to measure some parameters like level, pressure, flow and temperature.
While automation system is running we look all these parameters carefully so that production are not hampered, otherwise we may face to a big lproblem or loss.


First we can discuss about temparature measurement. In various industries various temperature measurements needed. In small industry low temperature measured and in heavy industry high temperature measured like in steel plant. For low temperature we use RTD (Resistance temperature detectors). It may be two or three probe system. The difference between two wires (one positive and one negative) creates some Voltage and through a transmitter we can convert it to a digital reading.


Pressure is an important part of any industry. We all know that high pressure can make a explosion and in low pressure system will not work properly. So we have to measure pressure to look and control. Generally two tapping points are used to measure with two impulse lines. One is connected with the line on which we want to measure and other is opened to air. Thus a differential created and through transmitter we can measure it. Here transmitter works as a converter from differential to voltage or current.We may use some pressure gauge but all are pneumetic.


Flow is also important to measure. How much volume or quantity is needed, the flow measurement detects it. In industry water is needed, gas, raw materials are also needed. So we have to measure flow. here also a transmitter is used like pressure measurement. But the difference is two impulse lines are connected with directly to the line. An orifice or ventury system is used to create a differential. The amount of differential will vary and we can measure the flow with the help of Transmitter.
Level is also an important part which indicates the stock and water level in tank etc.
If we count the stock in number then no problem but how can we say that how much stock is needed to continue the production automatically. So level measurement is also important. This measurement is quite tough though different methods are applied to measure. Normally two lines are tapped and we may say one as low line is connected in the lower part and high line is connected with open place. Thus a differential is created and the measurement is taken.
One more thing is important that is calibration and maintenance .We need some reference to measure any thing. So we have to calibrate all instruments and put some range in it.

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