Adding photos to your iPod touch can be tricky for new users. The one thing about Apple products is that people just can't connect it to a computer and copy files into it as we do in most of the phones and portable devices. In Apple's case, you'll need iTunes to do that job for you. Anyway, once you get a hang it all becomes more than easy to organize. It's simple and can be done by following the five easy steps listed below.

1. Download iTunes

The first thing to do is to download the iTunes from Apple's website. You can download the latest version of the software right from this page . Install the setup after the download. It's just like any other software to install.

2. Connect your iPod Touch to the computer

Now connect the iPod touch to the computer and open the iTunes. If it is the first time that you connect the iPod to computer you may have to completer certain steps before using your iPod touch in the iTunes. These steps are easy and can be completed quickly. After completing these steps you'll see your device listed in the left column of iTunes under the title 'Devices' (You may not see 'Pictures' under the device though there may be 'Music', "Movies' etc.)

3. Create a folder somewhere in your hard disk and copy all the photos you want into it.

Create a folder with all the pictures you intend to copy on your iPod. For e.g. create a folder called 'iPod Pics' in your ‘My Pictures’ folder. And copy paste the photos you want into it.

4. Syncing your photos to iPod touch

As said before, your iPod will be displayed on the left column of iTunes window once it's connected. Click on the name of your iPod and in the main area you'll see the general information of your device like Name, Capacity, Software version etc. At the top of that are you'll see many buttons like 'Summary', 'Apps', 'Tones' etc. from that click on 'Photos'.


Check the box 'Sync photos from' and select the folder we've created before. Once that's done click on the 'Sync' button located at the bottom right corner of the iTunes window.

5. Eject your iPod and enjoy! 

Eject your iPod by clicking on the small eject symbol located next your device name in the left column and enjoy the photos from the 'Photos' App.

Next time all you have to do is to copy more photos into the specified folder and Sync you iPod with iTunes and the photos will be automatically added to your iPod.

There's no option to delete the photos you transfer from your computer directly from the iPod. To delete them you should delete them from the folder in your computer and sync your iPod again. So you might want to be careful about transferring very private photos is you share your iPod or whatever.

There are many apps available today in which you can lock your photos and transfer them to your 'Camera Roll' folder from where you can directly delete the photos you want. I'll be writing an article on how to do that in future. 

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