Why We prefer Laptop over Desktop

According to you can you give the name of the best laptop and laptop accessories as well as best notebooks. That may be easily available and is in your budget. In this year many laptops occur and upgrade in the market till now. It is your total decision to decide the best one for you. Everyone thinks about the best laptop in the market like me. But it is a difficult question to choose among them. But you have to choose a best one for you. So it is very necessary to know about the best laptop among all available laptops in the markets. It is upon you whether you purchase a new one or think of upgrading an existing one in your home. Today there are thousands of laptops available in the market and this number continue to grow at a fast rate but you also need to consider a notebook too while thinking of purchasing a new laptop.

In recent decay the sale of laptop in increasing as compared to desktop computers. This laptop is liked by many people because they are very suitable, smaller, lighter, more robust and cheaper in price too. Laptop popularity is increasing day by day. So it is easy for you to choose any laptop among them and become the owner of the superior device. Laptop popularity is increasing among the students as well as the business professional too. They only want to explore the best one among all. Today laptop occupies the position of a desktop computer in their home as their personal computer. They do not want to take any problem regarding the extension of the wire and the availability of a space for your personal desktop computer. It is easy to carry their laptop in any place . So it is easy to understand the benefit of the laptop computer at your home and also away from home too. The main reason of the popularity of the laptop computer is their easy use, Smaller size, light in weight and having a faster processor up to i7. These laptops have higher memory to occupy lots and lots of data into their internal memory. The developer has really done an excellent work. Will you like to take your laptop with you. I like to do that and it does not give me any burden on me a lot.  So this is reason that why I like this powerful, handsome and slim invention very much

Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 in black color having a 15.6 inch Display screen

Best price= 21000 thousand as of 15/08/2012.

This laptop is very affordable for a middle class person and best in performance too. This laptop is very solid in their performance and having a cool style that shine your eyes. It is one of the best laptops for those who want to use it at home, Collage, School or for surfing or downloading purposes. This machine is an Eco friendly machine having a better display of about 15.6 inches in size. It has an HD resolution and with a 720p display. It has a high quality fusion Finish on the outer portion of the laptop. that really attract a laptop lover toward them. This laptop has an internal webcam and a face detection software so that we can use it on the laptop. It has a better option of communication with the help of internet. Best of online surfing and chatting. Not only this it has an Eco power saving tool that cut your electricity bill a lot and give you the option to use more and more with ease. It has a USB port to plug a Dongle or any external device. The version of the computer comes with the Windows 7 Home Basic operating system that has a 64-bit version O. S. You can easily select a home network in that and easily upload your loving photos, music and video on your favorite site.  Till now window 7 is the best and easy to use version release by the window. It is easy for you to handle your file and document with ease and accuracy. Your Laptop or PC work in a right manner because the presence of the Window 7 Operating System. This is designed for faster performance.

Now a time come when you need a one among them and become a special person with special device. Buying a laptop does not cost a lot for you. The application of laptop computer is increasing day by day. You cannot imagine its limit. Today its field are not limited. Many people perform different type of work with that laptop.

HP Pavilion DV (2162NR) with a 15.6 inch display and available in Black Color

Best price=29500 Thousand Rupees as of 15/06/2012.

This laptop features full of many multimedia for your day to day activity. The performance of this laptop is great. The backup of the battery is about 5 hours. This series of laptop provides a mobile performance and it looks a great feature. This laptop is filled with a powerful Intel processor that has an excellent Graphics. You can play as many games as you want. It makes your life filled with happiness.

Apple MacBook pro with a 13.4 inches display with a multiple function

Best price=58, 000 thousand rupees release on 15/06/2012.

This MacBook has a super feature and has a third generation Intel core processor for a faster processing. It has a better memory speed with higher availability of Ram. This MacBook has a better Next generation graphics that deliver an excellent video preview and lots of options to play a lot of games. With the help of this MacBook you can transfer your personal and important data with the speed up to 10 GB/s. This MacBook has a Thunderbolt Input output tool. According to me this is the best MacBook among all Apple MacBook and also in your budget too. If you like other you can choose it.

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