There is an increasing trend among youth and middle aged persons in todays world  to send text messages.  When there is an option to make a call or sms many prefer the latter.  The older generation prefer to make calls instead, the simple reason being is that they are not conversant with facilities of modern day mobiles of which one is text messaging. The possibilities are that some body at home would have taught them how to make a call and they just make calls as and when required.  It is always preferable to make a call, than to send a message if you consider the following:-

SMS is costlier than calls:- Normally you send a sms to which a reply comes asking for some clarification.  You have to send a repeat sms.  This sequence continues on and in this process the recipient and sender of the message would have spent around 8 to 10 rupees.   A typical sms would be like this.

Question:- What time is the function?

Reply:- At about 8 pm.

Question: What time are you leaving?

Reply: I am leaving at about 7 pm

Are you coming alone?

I am coming with my wife

Do you know the way.

No problem I am carrying the invitation card with me. I will find it from somebody on the way.

If you look at the above sequence, there were four questions and four replies translating to 8 messages.  Usually 8 messages cost about Rs.8/- at the cost of Rs.1/- per message.  If you had called up the person you could have finished the call in 2 minutes and the total cost for a 2 minute call is Rs.2/- if taken at Rs.1/- per call.  Another factor to be considered is that these service providers have reduced the call rates while rates for sms have remained the same.

Wastage of Energy and Time:- If you look at the above example of a sample sms  of there are about 60 words which approximately could be around 240 to 360 alphabets typed.  Typing 360 alphabets in a PC is easy because you can type fast and locate the alphabet easily.  In mobile it takes time to search the keys and also to type.  In mobile to type one alphabet for example "C" you need to type "abc" thrice.  That means for tying 360 alphabets you possibly have to type about 600 characters.  It is a waste of time and energy both for the yourself and the recipient.  Even if the recipient is not having the patience to type a message  he or she has to simply do it as a punishment because the recipient is duty bound to reciprocate by replying to your message

Life of the Keypad:- You have to type a maximum of 10 numbers to make a call.  If the number is fed in your handset then you need to press one of two keys.  To type a text message you have to press keys innumerable number of times.  Excessive usage of keys on your handset reduced the life of your keypad.

Where SMS is useful:- SMS is useful when you are in a meeting with very top people where answering a call is not considered good manners.  It is also useful in public transport like buses and trains where you could be inconveniencing others especially when you have a habit of talking loudly or speaking for longer durations.  SMS is the most useful while forwarding jokes to your friends and family for it hardly takes any time to forward a joke.  Usage of SMS is good especially while sending a few romantic text messages to your spouses or girl friends occasionally.

Friends, when you have an option between a call and a text message, try to call because it is economical and convenient.












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