In Haryana, a series of shocking rape incidents have happened. Reason for it are examined. These types of incidents can be reduced by severe punishment. Persecution of the dominant patriarchal caste arrogance gets to hell? It's a big question only. The crimes can be controlled by severe action. The punishment must be very severe, even  it may be a death penalty. On 10-10-2012, the world-wide 'anti-death penalty day' was celebrated. We have sympathy for criminals to be sentenced to death but we  forget the woman raped by criminals. The victims are 'living dead' . 

We still oppose the death penalty. But we recommend the death penalty for the sexual crimes. Compared to the other criminal acts, sexual crime  is different. The life of the woman is spoiled by the crime. After the crime, they are living a life worse than death. Criminals should not be benefited with  human rights. 

The fifty year old doctor in Madurai, raped a girl patient. His name is Radha Krishnan. This crime has not happened because of ignorance. It was well planned crime. He spoiled several girls like that. Does the doctor not know it is a crime? He knew everything. Police also commit the crime using the power in their hands. Sentence to death for the criminal is not a mistake. Likewise the criminals should be punished. 

Some people givethe the reason that female population is lesser than the male population. Getting a woman for marriage is very tough they say. These reasons are not convincing. 

The man stole the things because of hunger. Because of revenge he killed that person. Such reasons cannot be accepted. The male female ratio may be different. But we should not link the ratio with the crime. 

In Hisar district, a Dalit woman was raped by 12 people. The imahes were circulated through multimedia messaging service (MMS). The girl's father being ashamed of it committed suicide. We should not take the crimes as age problems. Instead of punishing the criminals, they suggest  reducing the age of marriage. This is the argument of dominant caste. It is a reactionary argument. We cannot accept such arguments. They are accusing television or cinema only. The crimes occur in large number.  

Instead of giving more reasons, we should punish the criminals in a very severe manner. The crimes are the national shame. After 63 years of getting freedom, it is a  great shame that woman do not have any protection. We should not let the criminals escape. The law consists of loopholes. The criminals escaped through these loopholes of law. This should be avoided. 

Politicians make politics out of this. This attitude is not correct. The police officials said "Rapes this year are is lesser than those in the last year."   At the same time, Congress party president Sonia Gandhi - is to comfort the victims while another rape occured in the state. More important than comforting is to take action by severe punishment to the offender. The offences should be controlled by severe punishment including  death penalty.

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