Sikhism has given birth to the greatest warriors in northern India. Sikh have fought in many conflicts throughout their history. It is in their blood to survive and prosper. Sikhs are saint-warriors. 

“Sure So Pahchaniye, Jo Lare Din Ke Het, Purza Purza Kat Mare, Kabhun Chhade, Khet. (They are brave who fight for humanity, Even when dismembered they steadfastly refuse to leave the field of battle. 

The Sikh soldiers know for hardiness and tenacity. The saga of the Sikh regiment portrays the varied aspects of heroism and exceptional courage of the soldier under inflictive circumstances. 

India’s armed forces are of high quality. The Sikh positively take the lead as thoroughly brave and reliable soldiers. Sikh soldiers have the ability to perform vigorous manual labour in any worst conditions. 

Under stress and adverse situation no one can competes with Sikh. Sikhs don’t sit idle and they always want something to do. Therefore keep Sikhs busy and occupied in some useful and constructive work. The Sikhs are fighting men. These qualities of Sikhs are best shown in the army. Joining army is natural profession of Sikhs. 

The all Sikhs are equal, sociable, cool tempered and immutable Sikh Soldiers eager to attack and in all circumstances remain stable. It was the Khyber Pakhtukhwa that the Sikh forces under the command of the great General Hari Singh Nalwa has successfully and very effectively subjugates the Afghans and the rampant Pashtun tribesmen. No one army can defeat Afghans except Sikh forces.  

In the full 80 years of involvement in the North-West Frontier Province, it was no surprise that a fairly large percentage of the troops employed were of the Sikh Regiment. During these forays the velour of the Sikhs was outstanding and by the turn of the century, with  two Victoria Cross and  large number of gallantry honors the battalion of the regiment were awarded 15 Battle Honors’.  

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