We all know about this age old saying, ’Service before self’, which holds mirror to those great souls, who go all out to render service to the society. In this process, they care not for their self and its needs. Their lives are based on the strong foundations of values.

Born to serve.

Nanded district, Biloli taluq, Sagroli is the birth place of Keshavbhai Deshmukh, fondly known as Baba Saheb. Baba sahib, a Gandhian was fond of education. There was no school in Sagroli . Students used to go covering miles and miles, crossing river Manjira to a school located at Andhra- Maharashtra border. This was the condition even after independence.

Baba saheb was moved by the pathetic situation.

A movement started.1959 has witnessed the formation of ‘Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal’ with the sole aim of imparting education to the less fortunate. Baba saheb donated 110 acres of land, which he inherited from his ancestors, to the Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal.

Multi faceted voluntary services.

We know many voluntary organizations concentrate on a single cause. Organizations rendering services exclusively for protection of environment.  Organizations rendering services exclusively for eradicating social evils so and so forth.

But Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal works to the noble cause of reforming all the evils plaguing the society.

Stands firmly on the foundations of Values.

Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal’s journey of 50 years hasn’t faced any charges of corruption. No embezzlement of funds. No parochialism. Transparency is its forte. We are aware how the hawks eagerly wait for devouring funds that come to the volunteer organizations from the government. No government officer succeeded in squeezing a bribe from the Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal. It doesn’t care if its papers are stalled and move an inch from the tables of the corrupted officials. But never a bribe is offered.

Staying at a distance from corruption is the mainstay of Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal around which its activities revolve. 

No recommendations. Only merit.

It’s a known fact, in order to get a job in the government aided organizations, people are forced to pay through the nose. Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal  is different. Nothing is taken in to consideration except merit when it comes to jobs in it. The staff of Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal proudly say, ‘ we are here on the basis of our merit here. No bribes and no recommendations.

Many facets of Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal.

Besides education, Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal does voluntary activities through a plethora of organizations.

The school that was started by Baba sahib in a humble way, in 1959, rose from a school sheltered in huts to a full fledged school with all the amenities. The primary school has two branches. One in Saradanagar and the other in Sagroli each with 1000 pupils. In the High school 2000 students are studying.

Besides these two schools Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal, maintains school for deaf and a school for Sanskrit studies.

After the completion of the studies those who can afford will go for higher studies. But for those who cannot go for higher studies, another institution was started for developing skills in their traditional professions.

Till now, 200000 students received education in different schools run by the Mandal. Many of thise students settled in their life as doctors, high officials and engineers.

Realizing the role of English language, Millennium English school was started in the year2006.

When the government of Maharashtra planned to start a Sainik school in each district,  Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal was entrusted to set up a sainik school in Nanded district. About 25 old students of the sainik school, are employed in all the three service sectors.

Mother’s love for Orphans.

Many  social welfare organizations are providing shelter for the destitute. But Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal offers the most precious Mother’s love to the orphans, thereby making itself unique. It creates a happy family atmosphere in its orphanage, 

‘Bala Gram’.

There are 12 homes in Bala Gram. Each home consists of 9 children. Each home consists of a ‘Mother’. By this Sanskriti Samvardan  Mandal  is offering an opportunity to the childless widows and single women to experience the divine motherly experience. These Mothers are paid salaries. Their responsibility is to make delicious food and caring the children with love. The Mothers responsibility is to see in no condition the child feels that he or she is Motherless. All the children in Bala Gram address each other as ‘Brothers’ and ‘sisters.’

The children can read up to 12th standard in Bala Gram orphanage. Thereafter , depending on the child’s interest, education will be continued with the support of Donors. The orphanage helps in seeing  the child settles in a field that is close to his heart. 

In the case of girls, the orphanage takes the responsibility of the lives of the girls until they are married. Till date 25 of the girls were married. People show lot of interest to take the girls as their daughters-in-laws because, Bala Gram girls earned the name for their good character and discipline.

Balak Mandir.

Balak Mandir  takes care of those unfortunate children who were left to their fate due to  quarreling and irresponsible parents. Children who were abandoned by the parents due to extreme poverty.  The  Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal’s Balak Mandir takes the responsibility of upbringing these unfortunate children. They are offered education and food till intermediate. After that also, Balak Mandir helps in lending  them its helping hand for higher education and a secure life.

Bharat Kadam, a product of Balak Mandir.

Yhis Maharashtra cadre IAS officer’s life started in Balak Mandir.  His parents were very poor. They had seven children. Kadam’s parents used to eke out a living by selling tamarind in the streets living a life of extreme poverty. The unfortunate parents were unable to feed their children. In these dreary conditions, Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal’s Balak Mandir took the children under its protection.

Bharat studied up to intermediate in Balak Mandir. After his intermediate studied in Nanded for his degree. Appeared for the competitive exams conducted by Maharashtra Public service commission. He achieved good ranks in nine subjects in a span of one year. Lastly he was selected for the Indian Administrative services.

Subhash Kadam, Bharat’s second brother was selected for the post of police constable. Third brother works in the Balak Gram as a Biology teacher. Under his able guidance, Mandal students won nine awards in the science exhibitions in different Statewide competitions and a National award.

The youngest of Kadam brothers Gautam Kadam settled as a an officer in ‘Livelihood assurance’ program of government of India in Aurangabad district.

Bharat reminisces , ‘Had there been no Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal, I and my brothers would have ended up as bonded laborers with a rich land lord. I love and respect Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal. I make it a point to visit Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal atleast twice in a year and spend my time with the children.’

Munna Thakur is another beneficiary of the services of Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal. He doesn't know even today who brought him to the Mandal. The Mandal named the nameless orphan. Got him studied up to intermediate. As per the wish of Thakur, the Mandal got him trained as a physical education teacher. After completion of the training, the Mandal gave him a Job in its Sainik school. He got married with a beautiful girl. To day Thakur’s two children study in the Balak Gram.

One cannot miss his tears welling up ,when he says emotionally, “For me Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal is my parents, relatives and well wishers. “

Suman Madale’s life was shaped up by the premises of Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal. She lost his father at an early age. Mother used to do petty labor jobs to earn a square meal for her and for her child Suman. When she found that she cannot further do labor to earn those few grains of food, she approached the Mandal.  The authorities understood her plight and gave her a job in Bala Gram. While doing her job, Suman studied up to intermediate. Suman has completed her teacher training in the Balak Mandir itself.

Mandal  has arranged Suman’s marriage with a suitable person. Suman is leading a happy life now.There are scores of success stories. All the beneficiaries are grateful to Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal.

Jal Swaraj.

Maharashtra ‘s ‘Jal Swaraj’ programme was  entrusted to Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal. By building watersheds, the Mandal has solved the irrigation water problem of seven villages covering an area of 16000 acres. Rainwater irrigation boosted the groundwater levels. Be it check dams or rainwater irrigation, maintenance is the responsibility of the people. This sincere attitude of the people was brought to the notice of the central government.

The responsibilities of Kendriya Krishi Vikas  Kendra were entrusted to Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal.While conducting  modern research in the field of agriculture, served the purpose of farmers in Biloli, Naigaon, Degloor, Mukhed, Kandhar. Loha, Dharmabad and the Taluqs of Nanded district. 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that no one knows better than  the Mandal, when it comes to water usage.

Only in Sagroli village, in 250 hectares of government land, rainwater irrigation was done successfully. Since then the groundwater levels in this region increased considerably. Its enough to dig just 20 meters, one can get a jet of water. The location of river Manjira in the viscinity helped in boosting the water levels in the ground. Rich crops grew. The value of the land increased from Rs.1000000 per acre to Rs.1500000. Along with Sagroli village this rainwater irrigation is working successfully.

The erstwhile drought conditions in Sagroli became a thing of the past.

Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal lent its helping hand to the farmers by providing Bore wells and motors.

Some more beneficiaries. 

Mahadevappa has 4 acres of  irrigation land. But it never yielded more than one crop per year. Even that is also not guaranteed. Owing to this reason ,Mahadevappa often used to migrate to neighboring villages to earn his bread and butter.

Mahadevappa took the help of the Mandal and got a borewell. Since then, he never looked back. There was a considerable increase in his income. Paid back loans. Built a small house. Sent his children to school. Added four more acres of land.

Hanuman singh Rathod is a big landlord for name sake only. He owned 40 acres of land. What’s the use? All the land is a barren land. This dreary condition forced him to switch over to a teacher’s job. But he could not stay there for long as his heart was in farming. With the help of the Mandal Hanuman singh Rathod converted his barren land in to a golden farm.

Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal, never thinks that its duty is over once it lends financial aid to the farmer. A constant flow of suggestions and guidelines will be provided all along. It teaches financial discipline to the farmer all along.

Tribal welfare.

The government of Maharashtra is so happy with the Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal’s performance that it entrusts every welfare programme to the Mandal. 

Swadhar scheme for tribal welfare.

For the welfare of Tribals, the swadhar Programme taken up with the cooperation of NABARD, the Maharashtra government has entrusted the programme to implement in Nanded district. Right now the Mandal has taken up the task of  growing the garden based crops in the barren lands of Tribal regions in the districts of Kinwat and Mathur. This programme enabled around 1000 tribal families with financial independence.

Medical programmes are not lagging behind.

Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal  is not the one to limit its welfare programmes to a few like education and agriculture. A hospital with 27 beds in Sharadanagar is another example of Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal’s multi faceted activities. With a nominal cost, it is rendering medical services. It holds regular health camps in 25 villages. It is spreading the awareness about the importance of nutritious food.

Saathi to arrest child marriages.

In order to bring awareness on the evils of child marriages, Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal has been doing yeomen service to the people. It has sown the seeds for rational and logical attithde.

Other Welfare activities of Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal.

Cheap Houses.

Poor People living in hutments around Sagroli are provided cheap houses using inexpensive technology, by the Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal. Till date 500 families availed this facility.


Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal’s farsightedness is conspicuous in its every activity. A few years ago with the aim of giving a boost to greenery, it has sprinkled neem seeds on the hilly regions around Sagroli. As a result, today all the hilly regions around Sagroli are filled with mighty neem trees.

Life to the village.

In Anasuyanagar, Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal built small houses consisting of one bedroom, a kitchen, a hall and a small vacant place in front of the house. These houses are allotted strictly to the eligible people. In selecting the eligible people, Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal did not allow any outside interventions. Today 164 eligible families are residing in those houses.

Woman power.

10 to 15 women are made in to a group and they are trained in different professions. The necessary loans are provided by the Mandal, thereby creating a livelihood to the women. There are 205 societies providing training to around 3000 women in 25 villages.  

Unearthing sporting talents.

The Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal is running a programme by the name.’Sagroli Sunrise’ to unearth the hidden sporting talents in the students. Mumbai based businessman and sportsman, Deepak Kangoankar supported this programme.

Asylum to Donkeys.

Donkey is the most neglected animal in the society. They toil all along the life for the man. Once it is old it will be forgotten and left to its destiny. Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal has taken up a programme to shelter these unfortunate animals in an area of 16 acres of land. Staff has been recruited to vaccinate and provide medical facilities to them. Till now 10 thousand Donkeys were vaccinated.

Objectives are the assets.

Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal’s true assets are its sincere and transparent policies. Though Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal receives financial aid through donations, the Mandal relies on self- reliance. The Mandal has its own land of 250 acres. Out of this, 135 acres of land is under cultivation. The crops and grains cultivated in this land feeds the students of 11 messes.

Extra produce is sold. This amount will be utilized for the day to day expenses of the Mandal The organisation’s managerial practices are impeccable. There is no scope for low quality in the food or taste.

For any voluntary organization there will be limitations with regards to funds and Human resources. It is not so for the government. Which is why, Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal utilizes the cooperation of government in implementing its welfare activities.

Check dams, Rainwater irrigation to name a few are the fruits of cooperation.

Service is a difficult task.

Service free from faults is still a difficult task.

Sanskriti Samvardan Mandal has taken the hardships willingly.

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