Nowadays, most of the Indians are interested in Online shopping as it saves a lot of time and very comfortable.  The things like ornaments, cosmetic, salt etc, can be purchased via online. Some people think online shopping is very useful especially in saving time and some feel it is  waste as we can not judge the quality of the thing which you want to purchase because we can not touch or feel the things online and even there may be a chance of getting cheated in online transactions. But now most of the people believe that according to the technology development there is security for online transactions and payments.

       Though there is negative and positive opinion of the people regarding online shopping and payments, but at present the positive rate has increased. Everyone started showing interest as it is very interested and comfort. Almost we can purchase anything through online shopping. So with a single click we can get our desired thing at our doorstep. People do online shopping especially ornaments, clothes, books, electronic devices, beauty products, accessories and ration items, but vegetables and fruits cannot be purchased as they need to  test by smell and touch.

     Due to the increase in demand for online shopping the demand for internet connections increased. Now the computer has been included in everyone's basic needs. There is no home without a computer. Online shopping made house wives very comfortable in purchasing things, they even now work from home, even students are also sparing time to earn some money through online. Online shopping main benefit us in saving time. When we do direct shopping, it takes a lot of time in parking our vehicles, searching for the shop and asking for the prices of that the things which you are interested to purchase.

According to the Indian survey, Indians spend seven hours on browsing, 10 hours on social media networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc, and half an hour for mail checking.

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