In our country all those banks are assigned a Unique Number which provides the service of paying or receiving money online on an International level. In our country there are nearly 63000 banks that provide these online payment services on an International level. If your bank also provides the services of Online Banking or Online paying and receiving on an International level then your bank also has a Unique Bank Number. This Unique Bank Number helps to uniquely identify your bank in the whole world. This Unique Bank Number is called IFSC code or Indian Financial System Code.

If you want to open a PayPal account then you have to provide your IFSC bank code. The PayPal Company identifies your bank based on the IFSC code provided by you and it identifies your account based on your bank account number. IFSC code is a group of Alphanumerical Characters whose fifth character is always zero.   

You could easily find information about IFSC code of your Bank’s local branch on your Pass Book or Check Book. Generally all the banks provide their IFSC code and other important bank and your account information on the first page of your Pass Book or Check Book. But if you don’t have your bank’s Pass Book or Check book then you could also search online to get your bank’s IFSC code. 

There is also a simple trick through which you could generate the IFSC code of your bank. This trick will not always generate an accurate IFSC code. So it’s best to double check and confirm this number by searching on Google. See if the number generated through this trick matches the IFSC code generated by the websites displayed in the result. Although this trick has accurately generated the correct IFSC code of various banks but to be on the safe side you should double check this number.

Every IFSC code consists of eleven characters.

The first four characters refer to short name of your bank.

The fifth character is always zero (0).

You could find the last six characters through your bank account number. This means the first six characters of your bank account number is the last six characters of your IFSC code.

Let’s understand this through an example. Let’s say you open an account in Punjab National Bank, whose bank account number is 47870012121212. Then the IFSC code of this Bank branch will be generated in the following way:

The first four characters – PUNB (the short name of your bank)

Fifth Character – Zero (always zero)

Last six characters – 478700 (the first six characters of your account number)

So the IFSC code of your bank branch generated through this trick will be PUNB0478700. 

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