A comparison of several lives in the world proves that only the name and fame will be remembered by one and all up to the end of the Universe. 

One is born in a rich family and the other in a poor family why? There is no answer. One gets everything of his desire and the other struggles even for the basic needs like food and shelter no answer. All are born seeking assistance of grown-up for everything and gradually gets worldly knowledge and able to attend do their self-needs.

One could be able to live without the basic needs of food and shelter by contended in his full life but in case of somebody who had been provided with all facilities but felt no happiness. One though could get his desire to be fulfilled in all his attempts and requirements whereas one could not be even able to secure his basic necessities. None in the world found out the reasons for these differences but generally, people will throw the blame on the fate and God. Is it right?

Nature has provided all the needs and amenities to all human beings trees give so many things like various fruits, coconuts and all. They give materials to provide for the construction of houses to stay to eat to fill the stomach quench the thirst through tender coconuts and rivers and ponds. What they are expecting in return? We can get vegetables also. Have they expected any return from the mankind? Cow gives milk, and animals carry the goods and pull the carts, but men kill them and eat them. Still they have not changed their attitude and helping to the mankind. We can get a good air under the tree but have we ever thanked them. All of our findings are to kill the innocents. What is the object of our life? Is it to spoil others to live in the world for the short period without any chance of getting anything with us and to live without intimating others? At least, we must learn that every birth is, for some reason, and ends at the end of the reason completed. Why not we think about all and follow a principal life to set an example to others?

When compared the lives of Buddha, Gandhi and Jesus, we could come to a conclusion. They had born and stayed in the world for a limited period could not take anything from the world and leave anything excepting the name and fame which will remain as long as the universe stays. They secure nothing for them not involved in unlawful methods to secure money and materials, lived for other’s welfare. However, certain people born rich, lived wealthy had no chance to leave anything to the world. They never took anything from them besides suffer from serious illness throughout their stay and disappeared and not reminded by anybody has who born and lived subsequently to them.  Hence we have to come to a decision that we have born equal but only thing left to this world is the name and fame unlike money and materials.

It is the duty of one and all born is to secure money through hard work live peaceful help others and remain in the hearts of one and all of their followers without considering results of our birth and death.

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