All of us must have faced some amount of workplace distraction, how do you cope with it?

In a workplace you have colleague who over time also play the role of being friends. However, few of them become constant source of distraction. These kinds of people don’t pay any attention to their own work and also decide to disturb others by barging into other people’s cubicle and try to strike a conversation. Even if you show least bit of interest, they don’t get the message; instead they go out and label you as workaholic.

Working and focusing on your work at your workplace becomes difficult at times, the above example is just one example. There can be numerous distractions that make it difficult for you to focus on your work. This article in intended to give up or rather provide you with suggestion as to how you can avoid distractions at your workplace.

Well while browsing though a site I came across some ways that can help get your work done at the office with minimum possible disturbance.

  • Chalk out a daily schedule of task that is lined up for that particular day. Prioritize the tasks and let your boss know what needs to be taken up or consult your boss for better planning.
  • Nest, don’t spend the entire day on one piece of work, if you have all day to work on it nothing like it, but if you are supposed to work on different things on a particular day, it is always better to time your tasks. Assigning time for various tasks will make you prolific, productive, and a useful resource and you can you the left over time to pursue your interest such writing or reading.
  • Another important distractor is personal emails. IM message, chatting on social networking sites and chatting using office regulated communicator. Many resources are seen having a gala time, spending all their time in uploading photographs, commenting on each other’s updates and lot of time is spent in reply to emails that are not work related. So save these activities for later and not right in the morning, right after you enter your workplace. Owing this as a major cause of distraction, a lot of corporate offices have blocked personal emails.
  • In case your employer gives you access to Google mail (Gmail or other similar mails) and messenger, change your status that looks appropriate for your work place. Make your status from available or online to busy. Keeping a status as online invites a lot of ping and messages which tend to distract and divert your attention and at the end you do more mistakes than expected in a simple task assigned to you. This can mar your reputation and can affect you in the professional front in the long run. Using too much of messenger services can hold you back from completing your tasks on time.   
  • Ensure that the area around your workstation or the desk at your workplace is clutter free. If you are working from home, ensure that the place you sit and work is clean. A cluttered desk tops the list of distractors. 
  • Also, make sure while working you keep the number of open windows to a minimum; multiple windows can create confusion and your machine can hang often. It is best to keep the windows open that are absolutely necessary.
  • Refrain from going on long and unmitigated tea or coffee breaks.  Taking a break from work is no doubt necessary, but making it too long can break the flow of your work and can affect the quality of your work.

Following the above rules can improve your working style if not minimize the distractions at your work place. 

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