Man lives from his birth to death relying on the Nature. He weeps at his entrance in the world. From then onwards during his growth every act depends upon his mental condition prevailing at various times. Oh! How many matters the mind of a man is involved. Laughing, Angry, Weeping, Emotion, and Happiness, etc. are of such kinds. His character is being decided based on these qualities he possesses. Within a minute, due to his character he is being decided as well or bad.

Man is made to act in accordance with his moods he had at a point of time. Generally, the person in several moods and in some, occasions will naturally forget himself and the surroundings and acts without knowing what was going around him and what would be the result due to his action. A man in his angry mood will definitely lose his temper and act without knowing the results of his action. However, as he is controlled by the mood at that time will act without knowing the surroundings and differentiate the happenings due to his action at the time of such moods. It is but natural. Hence it is better than one should control himself and try to overcome the moods by using his experience and talents. If we want a thing to be done peacefully, and happily we should approach a person from whom we have to get the things, about the person’s moods at the time of our approach.

It is our talent to ascertain one’s moods by using our intelligence. At times, we may be able to assess one’s mood correctly and approach him for a favor. However, his mood might have been changed due to a sudden event held subsequent to our assessment then our approach might become vain on account of this change. So it is a very great task to assess a person’s mood, change of moods, etc. Perhaps a person to whom we approach through another person had become to a normal mood after hearing a message. Then our request will definitely in favor of us. So it is a very great task to one to find out the mood which a person had at a time and subsequent changes and recovering at the time of our approach. Some are in the habit of consuming liquors. So they even forget the promises to help us in regard to a particular matter for which we approached would simply forget his assurance and would say as though he had not met us. So we have to use our brilliance to understand one’s mood and get success in our attempts.

If we approach a person for a favor is in a sorrowful mood definitely the work for which we expected from him will not get any success. So also if it happens to be at the time of his angry mood definitely our approach will fail besides we will be scolded, and at times we will be beaten up. This is a shameful affair. So using our intelligence to differentiate one’s mood is a very great task and if a man in getting a correct position will succeed and praised for his intelligence for his talent and getting things in a right manner. Some will be tactful to change other’s moods from bad to good and vice versa tactfully. So everything depends upon one’s talent to suit the occasions in his favor. Generally, it is good to avoid having a meeting with a person during his sorrowful or angry moods to get things in our favor. Pointing out some earlier instances may cause to change one’s moods, and it is also depended upon one’s talent to get it done by his tactful approach.

If a man wants to take a revenge, he may say to us that the person whom we wish to meet is in a pleasant mood, and he had his good meal and rest but whereas actually, he is in a mood of anger. If we solely relied the words of a man who with the bad intension of taking revenge on us may perhaps direct us to meet the person we wish to meet for a favor was in a good mood. Without assessing properly with his statement based on the belief on the mediator if we meet the person concern will definitely be cheated and our aim also becomes unsuccessful.

Every single part in our body is functioning in accordance with their formation. The man is facing several problems when once he alters a kind of food containing a taste of his desire. What is the connection between the tongue and the various tempers? The fact will be revealed if we think about it just for a minute.

The stages of various moods get changes in accordance with the taste of food one likes. When he consumes habitually the food with spicy taste, he gets the mood of anger and gets peacefulness and happiness through the tasty foods containing sweets. When he takes the food of bitter taste, he feels the vex mood.

The mood of man changes in accordance with the taste of the food consumed by him. Is it because the saints avoid spicy foods? We will get angry and scold the person who made any mistakes in the preparation of any kind of foods. However, we feel sorry subsequently for our behavior. Is it not due to the change of the mood of a person due to his consumption of food? The following is the various kinds of moods of a person and their changes due to circumstances.

Anger – Creates the feeling of even for the cause of death of others.

Peacefulness – Laughing

Lust – Causing death or injuries to the morale to ladies.

Weeping – Caused due to various kinds of bad instances.

Frustration – Caused death for his own self.

Affection – Pleasant mood

The living pattern of a man gets changed in accordance with the changed of moods. However, if a man overcomes such moods and gets it under his control his life will be flourished. Just like the waves in the sea, our anger will be disappeared subsequently. At some times, the waves become huge as at the time of ‘Tsunami’, etc. Just like this we will be appeared and considered as evil before the eyes of the world when we get an angry mood. Just like the calmness exists in the sea’s center portion we should try to be calm always. So the first and the foremost task before us are not to get angry and wound the feelings of others.

The peacefulness and calmness are the basic and essential requirements for a man to have with him. So also for a man’s welfare depends upon his power of either controlling or leaving the anger. Will it be enough if we have joined in the courses to concentrate in yoga, etc.? The mind will at times may refuse to act and involve in it. While undergoing such practice of yoga, etc. our involvement in it fully is very essential. It cannot be given effect within a night. We have to get it in regular practice to bring it to our daily routine.

The anger is not the solution for the questions raised, but one is suitably explained at the time of his peaceful mood, he will be able to understand and act wisely so that others will understand him. The man who can think good and bad and act in accordance with his own brain will be praised by one and all in this world.  While anger spoils the whole life of a man, his calmness flourishes his life.

Some may say that it is all due to our fate to meet a person at his unwanted mood and fail to get our things successfully, but we can overcome this imagination and would come out successful by way of our wisdom. As the moods of persons are changeable at any time within minutes due to the several sudden happenings. Based on this faith if we use our talents everything would come out successful. At first if it seemed to be foolish, and if we tried in some occasions by using our tricks could come out successful besides showing the blame on the fate. I hope persons that had faith on themselves and act wisely they will definitely to agree to this view.

Finally, we can come to a conclusion that the change of moods occurs due, mainly in accordance with the good or bad happenings held around us, and the weaker persons are affected and in the result, emotions burst out from them. Thus, we can say that the lives of many persons are spoiled due to their change of moods. 

From the foregoing, we may come to a conclusion that all these depends upon the moods, and it changes one who approach him get either success or defeat. So we must get vast experience to deal such persons and their moods and their changes properly judge wisely and get decisions correctly.

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