We are enjoying so many conveniences after the introduction of information technology. Today’s advancement in this field has made us not to wander for getting so many needs. Instead, our requirements are delivered at our door steps. Now we will be able to order our requirement from sitting in our house and getting them supplied at our house itself.


The details about the creation of the shopping cart website:

A client in accordance with his needs applies for his requirements, and it will be analyzed by the software-development team. After development of the software, it will be tested by the testing engineers. Then it will be issued to the clients, and the client will publish the details of the good available with him by creating a website. Generally, shopping cart sites are called CMS (Content Management System). The details of the available goods will be published either by the person who purchased the software or by the administrator concerned. Further it will be published through the dailies, and other media like television and radio about the creation of the new shopping cart website. The public will be able to go through them and order their needs.

How can we trust the online sites?

  • First of all it should be verified whether the URL address is started with the word https.
  • It should be verified the address of the company so that it will be convenient to contact with it. To check up, whether the phone no is given, and it will be easier to have contact.
  • The details about the commencement and its continuation should be verified through their website.
  • It should be verified whether the customer care number and email address are available separately to enable one to get his grievance, if any, redressed.
  • We can decide the genuine of the goods from the reviews of the purchasers in their site and as well as from other forums. It can also be ascertained from our believable friends.

How the prices of the goods are fixed?

There are two ways of sales transactions. One is the direct sale from the seller and the other through a person or a company which will create a separate website through which he will publish the availability of the goods of the seller for which he will get commission from him. Most of the transactions are done by online sites or companies, which are getting commission from the seller. The prices of the goods are fixed considering the market trend, profit and the expenditure connected with the delivery of the goods to the purchaser. The customers could be avail the opportunity of discount if any, announced by the seller through the website up to date.

How the online sites are functioning?

At first, website will be created in a small-scale and the detail of the goods available for sales are exhibited in it. They will not store the goods with them. On receipt of the orders from the client, they will contact the sellers and intimate the details about the goods. The goods will be dispatched by the seller to the online company concerned, and it will be delivered to the customer directly. In some cases based on the orders of the customer the seller himself will deliver the goods to the customer directly. The online companies maintain the relationship between the seller and the customer. They will get commission for the sale from the seller.

What is the benefit to the seller?

There is no need to publish the availability of the goods. Thus there is a profit by economical way of approach and saves money. There is no need to wander for advertisement and spend money towards marketing. It is enough to pay the commission.

Reasons for the purchase of goods through online:

  • The prices are lesser than the market price.
  • The goods are supplied at our door steps.
  • In the absence of goods in the open market, we can get through online shopping.
  • We can compare the prices with the other sources.
  • The necessity to purchase goods only through online when we get a particular gift voucher.
  • We can cancel our order at any time before the delivery of the goods.

The various defects in the system of purchase through online:

  • We cannot see or verify the goods before their delivery.
  • Unnecessary creation of tension till the receipt of the goods ordered.
  • The defects in the various processes prescribed in the matter of return after delivery.
  • The jurisdiction of the law courts is limited to the area concerned.

The method of payment:

COD (Cash On Delivery):

If such convenience is provided on the website, we can have avail the opportunity of paying the cost of the goods on delivery. In this connection, the delivery areas are prescribed in the sites themselves. We can verify whether the delivery is possible by quoting the pin-code of the place. We will be contacted through our mobile phone about the delivery. This is to confirm as to whether the order was made by us. After our reply the process of dispatch of the goods will be decided.

Payment through Credit-card:

The amount will be debited from our bank account. Then the follow-up action to dispatch of the goods will be taken. We should remit the payment within the period prescribed in the bank. We should register the Card number, Expiry date of the card and the CVV (The last three numbers mentioned in the back side of the card) in the website.

Payment through Net-banking:

The amount will be credited to the seller bank account from our bank account directly through net-banking facility. The service charges will be demanded by some banks for this purpose.

Payment through Debit-cards:

For this method, it is necessary to furnish the details about the debit card to be registered on the site. Immediately after payment, the amount will be debited from our accounts. If possible, a separate bank account for this purpose is opened.

Usage of the gift voucher:

We can use the gift voucher only in the site prescribed for it. For every single gift voucher, the date of expiry will be noted and within which date we should use it. If the amount goes beyond the gift voucher, the excess could be paid by using credit, debit cards or through net-banking.

Payment through EMI:

The complete payment should be made within the period prescribed by the bank. By this method, we have to pay the excess amount. If one is unable to give the amount in lump sum, the amount may be paid in monthly installments, but however, it should be completed within the period prescribed by the bank.

The things to be considered before ordering for the goods:

  • It should be ascertained whether the prices quoted in the site are lesser than the local market.
  • It should be confirmed to our satisfaction, whether the site is genuine one. Whether the site’s URL address is commenced with the word “https”.
  • The date of delivery should be checked up.
  • We should note the facts about the Terms & conditions, Private policy at the site.
  • Comparison of various sites should be undertaken about the reviews appeared in the sites.
  • We should check about the cancellation facilities provided.
  • The period within which the remittance of the amount’s return in case of cancellation.
  • Whether the bill will be issued for the purchase, and any period of warranty is prescribed therein.
  • It should be checked up whether the bank’s name has been listed in the site in case the purchase is through Emi.
  • It is possible to locate the stage of the dispatch of goods in case the tracking facility is provided.
  • We should know about the charges if any is levied in excess the price of the material such as delivery charges, etc.

How can a user register on the site?

Our name with address, email address, phone (or) mobile number and the password are to be furnished in the registration page of the site. You should activate your account by clicking the link sent by the site by logging into your email account. Now the account is activated, and we can commence our transaction by logging in the site giving username and password.

The reasons for a user account on the site:

  • If once such registration is made it is easier to transact further.
  • The status about the location of the goods could be ascertained.
  • It is easier to contact by the customer care centre.
  • It will facilitate availing the opportunity of enjoying the concessions granted.
  • It is easy to register our views in the matter of purchase.

The method of ordering products:

  • We have to select products one by one by logging into the site.
  • After the selection of products, we have to click the order button. Now, the selected products and their prices will be listed out. We can remove the products, if any, not required from the list.
  • We can confirm the required products by clicking the place order button.
  • Now we can verify the address for which the product to be sent in the list furnished.
  • The procedure to be followed in regard to the payment for the products will be listed out. Then we have to follow the methods prescribed therein.
  • After payment an order id for the products will be created and communicated to our mobile and email address.
  • The product will be received by the customer within the date specified therein.


From the foregoing facts narrated, it will be seen that the online shopping is much easier. So, hereafter everyone will prefer to give importance for the purchase of the products required by them through online shopping. However, only thing is we should be careful in following the several processes without fail.

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