It is immaterial as to how long a person lived in this world. What his achievements during his living period are the question before us. It is easy to eat to our taste if such substances have been prepared well and place before us. A moment of thinking about the stain and pain taken towards such preparation is made, we will definitely be astonished. The things if put in an order suitably will give such a taste so it is an art in the preparation of stuffs by using various things in an order to give a tasty item. So also it is not a wonder to live happily using the saved properties of ancestors without thinking the hard work and stain undertaken by them during their lives for the long period. Many of the persons think that life is in accordance with fixed by fate and luck only. Intelligent is next to hard work. A laborer never thinks about tomorrow. What he gets through his labor offered on a particular day he spends the subsequent day without caring for the next day. He never dreams for his future. He sleeps well but on the other hand, even if a person born rich and enormous properties are readily available before him needs a life for all time with various diseases and spent sleepless nights. What is the reason? He wants to be futile always keeping every parts of offered by the nature should be idle and only wanted to lead a luxurious life. The properties possessed by him would be vanished at any time, and he could not learn about doing any sort of works to ache his livelihood. He has to be starved all the day where as a laborer who knows several handicrafts will earn for his livelihood and spent his time happily. He never worries about the properties has he knows that they are permanent in this world and may be vanished away at any time without any advance intimation like the life leaving from the human. So what is required? Learning some work or other accepting by way of earning by cheating or theft. Through hard work, he will live peacefully with what he gets without worrying for the future. In olden days most of the people belonging to the so called higher classes lived by teaching this principle and about our existence in this world without any ambitions in life and only preached to praise the lord for having given us the several parts required to do hard work and the power to utilize our knowledge to do several kind of labor to uplift the living condition of all public. 

Thus it is to be concluded that good and peaceful life could be obtained only by hard work. So it is better for everyone to learn an art, use it wisely, earn in a proper and justifiable way and live peacefully and happily with what is derived from it. Happiness lies in doing some sort of works. Mere existence keeping idle without using the hard-earned money of our ancestors will no way be helpful to live a good life. Enormous properties or the wealth will not save a person at the time of his needs. Think a while when we require food and water, will the currencies will help us? Anyway, so also what would fulfill our necessary requirements? By learning several works and using them wisely, one could be able to get his needs fulfilled by rendering some sort of works and bring them under his control and make them for his use.

As long as the circulation of currencies for getting our needs we could escape by using them. At the moment, of their disappearance due to theft or other sources, what would be the position of these persons? If a man is learned he could use his wisdom using the several parts naturally fixed with him could solve his problem by attending some kinds of works or other, earn his livelihood and spend his time peacefully always. Who knows that at any time the value of currencies became abolished by an order of any government and exchange of things as to the needs to the persons could be solved by the means of things only.

The times are changing. The whole things and procedures are leaving from us one by one. The prices of so many commodities are going up every day. The ordinary person cannot imagine them while compared them with his needs but knows the trick of living by using other substitutes for his needs.

Generally, it is the usual practice of most of the persons are even at the beginning itself i.e. even before starting the work beside themselves that it may not be successful by blaming the fate and luck without doing it with due care and attention. Why don’t they put their hard labor and get out with success? If failed in such attempts even after their bestowing their hard work they may curse the fate or luck.

Bhagavad gita advices men to attend all the works with due care and attention by bestowing hard work and sincere attempts and leave the result in God. If he goes through the lives of so many multi milliners, it may be seemed that at first they failed and failed in their attempts and got success at last. For example, in the cases of Tata and Birla, initially they were only street vendors and became rich after getting so many hurdles and failures. Now they are able to give employment to so many persons and for their uplift. A number of persons became richer by rendering their hard work like Tata and Birla. So we may come to a conclusion that perseverance, hope and hard work results in great success. If one had lost his hope in hard work could he become so rich and able to provide way for other’s uplift? So everyone should try his best in all the works he undertakes, work hard with most sincerity and leave the result in the air. However, one could surely come to a conclusion that he would if attempts to achieve by his sincere and hopeful service, he would definitely get success. To prove the statement that nothing could be equivalent to hard work is established.

All the people could not become doctors, engineers and lawyers. So many men are wanted to work to so many needs of so many others in one way or other. So the attendances to other’s needs are quite necessary. So there is no difference between the works attended by every single individual as long as the professions in which they are put in and do in the proper way without affecting the other’s interest in any way and also undertaken legally.

By concluding the subject if a man thinks deeply he could definitely come to a decision that he should start a business which would feed the important requirements of so many with utmost care.

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