Immediately after spelling the word rain or raining will make us to feel chillness in all over our body. It is but natural. Of course, the rain is the main reason for the growth of the plants and trees to feed the human beings. We can just feel about the fore coming of the rain by the smell we had from the ground soil itself. It is a fact that the rise of ground water increases due to the rain to feed the plants to give yields also the drinking purpose of the human being. All the plants will appear to be greenish and the color itself will give a very nice sight to the human eyes besides consoling the hearts and make a pleasant atmosphere everywhere. We can be able to give so many such examples which the human and other living beings enjoy the pleasant atmosphere during to the rainy season.

It is also possible for the occurrence of natural disasters such as flood, cyclone, etc., during this season which will create a great national loss for the lives of men and animals besides the damage to the grown up crops expected to be harvested in the near future. On account of these unexpected happenings human beings will greatly affect by scarcity in getting their food grains during the season. 

Side by side, we must also be very cautious especially take much care towards the health of the small children who will naturally be affected during this rainy season. So also in the case of elderly people, we should be more vigilant about their health condition as it will be affected greatly during this season. The children will naturally like this rainy season very much as they will feel pleasantness in and out of their body as well as their surroundings. They wish to be in the rainy area and to become too quite wet by the rain water. It is but natural. They like to play in the rains by floating the paper made items like ship, boat, etc., prepared by themselves as to their imagination and feel joyful. It is our bounden duty to explain to them about the result of their playful activities in the damp area by becoming wet due to the rainy water. To avoid the consequences due to the playful activities performed by the children and the others due to this natural change, it is better to know about the various preventive methods to be followed during this pleasant but health affecting season.

The precaution:

During this season generally, all kinds of diseases due to the stagnated water followed by the heavy rains so many varieties of diseases will spread around us by insects like mosquitoes and other virus creating insects. This is very much applicable in respect of small children on whom we have to take most carefulness because they will be the first affected immediately by these diseases created by the developed viruses.

It is better to carry without fail the umbrellas and outer wearing thick materials like rain-coat suitable for the children to avoid from these sources. It is also better to take the sweater to be worn by the children as they feel chillness due to the rain.

It is always better to drink the boiled water only which will prevent from these naturally affected diseases caused due to the seasonal change.

It is better to keep the speed of the vehicles also under control, and it is safe to maintain a lower speed to avoid accidents, which will naturally be held as the low-lying areas will be filled up with rainy water, which could not easily be noticeable.

It is dangerous to walk in the street also with bare foot. It will avoid from the catching of various diseases through our feet.

The house and its surroundings could be kept neat and tidy without allowing keeping any stagnated water, which will create the development of the mosquitoes.

It is better to keep the children’s head dry after bath by using thick towels besides; they are being dried up my means of heated vapor smokes by using natural powders to get it dried up.

We can avoid various diseases expected to spread by mosquitoes by using mosquito net for both children and as well as for ourselves.

We should change the wet clothes to be substituted by dried ones immediately after our return to home.

It should be kept as a regular practice to wear thick clothes made by woolen, etc., during the entire rainy season to keep our body warm always and avoid the chillness affected due to the season.

We should walk carefully in the roads as we could not get an idea about the ups and downs because of the rainy water filled fully in the dugs on the walk-able roads.

We should keep it as a regular practice to wash all the vegetables and fruits before their use.

It is also better to have a list of nearby hospitals to have consultation at any time as we will be liable to be caught by any kinds of seasonal health disorders. It will be of immense help in respect of children who are mainly the victims for this. As far as possible, it is best, to have been in touch with a particular doctor of our choice to consult for all health disorders so that it will be better to identify the reasons for the ailments. 

The aged persons may avoid drinking more water than as usual to avoid the complaint of passing urine frequently.

It is most important as well to give attention to the maintenance of the vehicles during this season. Stopping the vehicle by using the brake suddenly during the season will affect in untoward incidents. Put rain covers on the two wheelers so that it will not become and give trouble in starting them.

We should watch that the outsiders who enter the house where the children are dwelling, whether they clean their legs before enter our house. It will avoid the spreading of germs entering into the house which will result in spreading of various infectious diseases through viruses.

If we concentrate on the matter of saving the underground water, it is quite necessary to build the rainwater collection tank.

The diet acts as a major role in this particular season. So it is better to have strict vigilance in consuming our intakes. As for as possible avoid taking foods having a sweetish taste. Treat the food as a medicine and include the herbal items like thuthuvalai, pepper, etc., which will avoid from cold and cough, which are naturally affected during the season. As well as possible try to take foods when they are hot. If we already in practice of drinking milk, it is better to add the items like pepper, turmeric, poppy, which will maintain the health perfectly without affected by any sorts of seasonal complaints. Avoid using vegetables, which possess huge watery substances with them during this season. Don’t have the practice of using the various items kept in the refrigerator immediately after taking out without their being dried up for a while.

It is better to avoid going at full speeds in the vehicles. It will spread dirty water filled in the dugs on the roads on all over the other persons.

Avoiding of throwing wastages anywhere without considering the welfare of other living beings, will be of great help to others.

Avoiding the habit of using the hand kerchief whenever affected by cold, will unnecessarily give trouble to others besides their being affected by the same complaints.

Don’t tell the reasons for your failure to attend in time blaming on the rain.

It will be economic also if the seasonal requirements such as umbrella, raincoat, etc., could be purchased during out of the season. It is better to give a particular place for keeping them in the house so that unnecessary troubles in search of them at the times of their needs could be avoided.

Purchase and storage of the alternative items like candles and emergency lights are better to avoid during power cut times.

Avoid visiting to hill stations during this time of the rainy season.

Avoiding of cell phones during lightning or thunderstorm will be better. 


The seasonal effects and results are common and natural. While so many good things such as growing enormous food grains due to the rain flow, at the same time, there may be the happenings of bad things such as damage to crops may occur. So it is our bounded duty to be alert always expecting good and bad events equally and try to live calmly and with regular planning. Finally, it is most important to intimate in time to the concerned electrical officials in regard to the damage if any noticed to the electrical connection occurred anywhere due to the wind or the rain. It will be of immense help for the welfare of one and all.

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