God helps us in many ways every time for our welfare; but, ways that God use every time are not same. That is reason, why it is said, "Bhagwan ki Lila Bhagwan he Jane". That means, only God knows how God's way is helping us; we do not understand it sometime. Sometimes God helps us by giving direct joy and sometime by giving indirect joy.

What does joy given direct way and joy given indirect way means?

Joy given direct way means the thing or joy you wanted, you got easily without any struggle. At that time, we understand it that God is helping us by giving direct joy. But, when God gives us joy indirect way, at that time we do not understand it. On the opposite, we misunderstand it. But, before I tell you, in what way we misunderstand God; first I will tell you what is meaning of "Joy given indirect way?" Joy given indirect way means that thing or joy you want, you do not get easily; you have to struggle for it and sometimes have to face rejection from people in getting that thing; before you get that thing.

Next question is-

How we misunderstand God; when God gives us joy indirect way?

We misunderstand God, when God gives us joy indirect way; because we are not capable to understand God's indirect way at that moment. But, why we are not capable to understand this indirect way? We are not able to understand this indirect way; because of the rejection, which we have to pass through in process of indirect way, before getting joy. After getting rejected repeatedly, we go in depression and develops negative thinking that God is not helping us; by making us face repeated rejections.

But actually, God is helping us through these rejections. But, how rejection can helps us? Well first of all, it is universal truth that after facing rejection, we sharpen our skills; think of ways of improving our capabilities. But, it is also true that repeated rejections, put us in depression state. If repeated rejections put us into depression state; then, why God make us to pass through this state by facing repeated rejections?

God makes us face these repeated rejections, to save us from something terrible. No doubt, these repeated rejections put us in a depressive state; but, it only God knows that there was something terrible was coming to destroy us at that time; at which time, God had made us face those repeated rejections. And, that thing was so much terrible that whose pain we cannot bear, whose damage we cannot sustain; that thing was terrible than the pain of this depressive state.

Next question, you must be thinking of asking, what those terrible things are; from which God had saved us, by making us pass through struggle and repeated rejection phase? Well answer to this, you will get with time; that from what terrible things, God had saved you; by making you, pass through this struggle and depressive phase. With time, you will get answer to all your questions; that to save you from which terrible things, terrible circumstances; or, to save from which terrible people, who can destroy your joy; who can destroy your dream; who can shatter you emotionally; God made you pass through this phase. With time you will get answer to all your questions; why you were made to wait. Trust me, you will get answers to all your questions with time; because I have got answers to my questions, from God with time that from, what terrible things I was saved by going through struggle and depression rich rejection phase.

With time lapse, now I am understanding; what hints God has given me at that time; from which terrible things God was saving me at that time; by making me pass through struggle and depressive phase; but that time, I was not able to understand those hints. But, now with lapse of time, now I am understanding those hints and getting answers to my questions with time from God; that from what terrible things, God had saved me, at that time and why I made to wait to get things I wanted, to get real joy.

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