In some culture it is good to make rangoli drawing during festivals. But for some others making rangoli is not prevalent at all. Some people in my neighborhood keep their doors wide open all day long and close it only after 10:30 in the evening/ at night. If someone like me who chooses not to do so, out of security and privacy reasons, I am labeled as an eccentric. Why on earth someone would be expected to follow the herd. Who would be responsible if anything goes wrong and awry with a toddler around? An open door at all times looks irritating to me. Whatever the reason may be, no matter what, I don’t think keeping doors open 24x7, no matter how friendly my neighbors are is not okay.

Next, why don’t you come and join the kitty and contribute to our kitty party? I said what? Kitty in other words is chit fund? Have I gone nuts to do something so stupid where the money is no way going to come back to me for sure, leave alone whether it is getting doubled up? In which age are these so called home makers living? Even if it does come back, I am simply not interested…if I say this upfront I am again labeled as rude and next time those ladies trying to curry out some money for these frivolous activities simply ignore you. Why? For the simple reason that their purpose was not met, so there is no point in extending any kind of social interaction. I know and for that matter every human relationship is based on the give and take principle. But I really don’t think I can take it down, no one who knows the value of hard earned money would be ready to waste their money on chit funds or kitty. Also, I really don’t think it is all pervasive to indulge in activities such as rangoli drawing to show my reverence towards the almighty and towards our culture and tradition. If I am religious, do I really need to open the door of my home for other people to peek and take a look at my offerings and prayers and for what? Yes to earn appreciation from you? No, I believe one who is religious would do the religious rites and rituals silently. Exhibiting these things or your own house is nothing but stupidity and a tactic to fish for compliments.

The so called home makers are practically never at their respective homes. You can see these women who keep loitering out of their homes on the pretext of doing some or the other errand. But it is these women who criticize working women, who choose to stay out of the home to earn a living, contribute to the household, make a career out of their jobs and look after their kids too. 

I think this category of women claim that they do not watch useless Indian soaps, but they portray themselves exactly the way it is shown in these serials. They are always decked up, always ready for some or other event or occasion which goes on for 24x7 and for 365 days. They always schedule activities such as potluck and so on and expect that everybody should be willing to participate in such events always. It is because some of these housewives are extrovert and know certain things such as dandiya and rangoli they need the excuse of some such events to showcase their talents. 

I just have one thing to say to such souls, I pity you. I pity that you guys have nothing to do, nothing worthwhile. I think you are all frustrated and famished and you need to indulge in such activities because you see an outlet by doing so. Fair enough but don’t expect everybody to become a part of these kinds of activities. Not everyone who is at home is a home maker, some of us our doing part-time jobs and few others are freelancers. So, please respect everyone’s privacy and respect the fact that each individual has different taste, likes and dislikes and all of us want to pursue different activities to keep ourselves happy, engaged, and content.

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  1. Sandhya Rani

Earlier in the village atmosphere, all neighbours are friendly and we used to open doors whole day throughout. In those days, all people of a neighbourhood live as a family. There were no walls around homes as well. Also there are many members in...

Earlier in the village atmosphere, all neighbours are friendly and we used to open doors whole day throughout. In those days, all people of a neighbourhood live as a family. There were no walls around homes as well. Also there are many members in a family too. But it's not the case now. We can't believe anyone and neighbours are not interactive as earlier. All are busy in their own tasks.....So, it's better to keep doors close even at day time, if you are not present in veranda.

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  1. Mousumi Ghosh

Yes, I agree, the times when we were in schools was still better than the current times, at least we were safe in schools. These days even schools are no longer safe. Keeping doors open all day long is also a threat to privacy and security.

  1. Ajay Goel

Yeah, Mousumi. These days people are not friendly, and are jealous of each other, most of them keep enemity with their neighbors, the world has come to a standstill in terms of humanity at least.

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