On Jan 15 Thai pongal a special festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It is a harvest festival, Pongal is celebrated in the following countries, Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, North America, South Africa, Mauritius by Tamilians living in the countries. Before it was a festival of farmers. Nowadays it is a national festival of Tamilians.

Tamilians decorate homes by using mango leaves and sugarcane. Some people whitewash their homes during the festival. Religious festival celebrated by Tamils across more areas in Tamil Nadu. Pongal is the thanksgiving festival for agricultural abundance specially celebrated by formers. It is celebrated for enriching the country.

Pongal coinsides with Maha Sankranti which is usually celebrated in all of India. It is usually a four day festival(January 13 to January 16). The first day of the festival is Pogi, second main day is Thai Pongal, third day is mattupongal(cattle,cow) and the fourth day Kanum Pongal.  Pongal is celebrated by preparing sweet rice(freshly harvested rice grains) in newly decorated clay pots. Finally they add jaggery, ghee, raisins and nuts. When it overflows from pots people shout pongal pongal. The name of the sweet rice is called sakkarai pongal which is a very popular dish of Tamil Nadu and Sri lanka.

First they offer the food to Sun God. Later the prepared sweet pongal is served to all the family members.  People exchange sweets during the festival. Snacks and sweets such as murukku, vadai and payasam are prepared. Colorful rangolis are drawn at door step. Senior family members(grandparents) present gift to the junior family(grandsons and daughters). Kaanum pongal was the last and final day for the festival. It is the day for reunion of family members. Landlords present gifts(new clothes and sweets) to the workers. People used to send greetings to the well wishers and friends. Nowadays people used to send email wishes for pongal.

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  1. Dwarakanathan

Pongal is a traditional festival in Tamilnadu. It is celebrated in the tamil month of "Thai". There is a saying "Thai porathal vazhi porakkum". During this pongal festival people are also remembering the poet "Thiruvalluvar" on his day.

  1. Mary    Dwarakanathan

yes.. Thai porathal vazhi porakkum

  1. vijay

Tami lNadu is a state in India and not a country.

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