No matter what circumstances arise, we should never lose our temper. Circumstances are the reward of our deeds. Good deeds lead to good circumstances and evil deeds of ours will bring unfavorable circumstances to us. In case of unfavorable circumstances it is often seen that man loses his temper. He gets out of his control and either speaks harsh words or shows his temper in his deeds. This harms mental peace too.

Anger always leads to enmity, To avoid losing temper, person has to understand that circumstances have arrived because of his own deeds. No one apart from him is responsible for bringing them. He himself is responsible for all sorts of situations he is facing. His good deeds will bring in his life good time and bad deeds will make him reap bad fortune. Then why should he blame others by pointing at them? No one should be blamed for anything. If we lay others responsible for something then there will develop an enmity between us and them. One cannot raise up in the world of spirituality if even slight enmity exists in their hearts. Their mind cannot gain inner peace. Their whole aura will always be surrounded with unnecessary stress and tension.

In actual terms, for our good and bad times, we cannot lay other person or any other living being or any sort of circumstance responsible. To know who is responsible, we need to understand three factors.

  • Our previous deeds will either make us suffer or make us enjoy our lives. What we did in our past decides how our future or present will be. Same way what we carry out today will determine our future. This if fully understood and practiced in daily lives will make a person to get rid of his bad character and will transform him into a noble soul. Once they understand the truth behind it, they will transform themselves into a noble person and will start behaving the same. Their firm will and desire to achieve favorable circumstances in future will help them a lot.
  • Man experiences happiness or sadness in his life as his knowledge is very restricted. One who is wise will never become sad even if he is made to face any sort of unpleasant physical or mental unfavorable disturbances. He will understand the situation well by analyzing all the facts. He knows that unfavorable circumstance will help him to rise above all. It is the test through which if one comes out of flying colors will reap great benefits. One who never faces difficult times in his life will never get promoted towards his progress. No sort of development will occur in such cases and remaining stagnant is not good. These unfavorable situations will rise a soul high in the path of spiritualism as they will help a person to become strong from inside. If there is no ego in an individual, he will never be able to differentiate between favorable and unfavorable circumstances. Its all the game of knowledge. If one remains stable, the whole world revolving around him will not make any difference to him, then how come these unfavorable circumstances can trouble him. Stability in mind and stability in soul will keep a person stable in his good and bad times too. It is because of this stability, he will not be able to differentiate between the two and thus his mental peace will not get disturbed.
  • Third is the belief of those people who are completely and totally devoted to God. They have a total belief in God. In favorable conditions, they thank God for gifting them valuables and bring happiness in life. They believe that God has gifted them all the essential things so that they can make best use of these things in the service of God. When they face unfavorable conditions, they believe that God has blessed them and attracted them towards him. They were getting attracted towards their body and worldly pleasures. In such situations, God through unfavorable circumstances teach them a lesson to forget about body and worldly pleasures, which are nothing but mortal things in this world. Ultimate goal of the life for them is to create oneness between their soul and Supreme soul. Soul is only immortal and pure. Rest everything is polluted and impure. God is so kind that in all the ways he remains enthusiastic to bless everyone with his love. In this way, everyone will experience kindness of God and always remain drenched in his love.

Above mentioned all the beliefs help a person to progress in the world of spirituality. In contrast to this, one who keeps a belief that others are responsible for bringing happiness or sadness in his life are no less than fools. Such kind of people are themselves responsible for their destruction. They make others as their enemy and always light the fire of enmity within their hearts. This pollutes the internal environment and destroys the mental peace and thus they can never find peace.

Enmity is an emotion which is responsible for the destruction of inner peace as well as responsible for self destruction. It is an evil which should never be given a room in the heart. Once if its been invited, it through its deep roots will make heart as its permanent residence and then destruction of a person and the whole community will surely take place. To get rid of it, knowledge acts like a silver lining in the dark clouds. Through knowledge, we can get rid of it and keep it permanently away from us.

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