In today's miserable life, each one of us is in search of real happiness. We make constant efforts to achieve happiness and keep it with us. None of us would deny this truth that they need happiness in their lives. In this struggle of achieving happiness, without actually knowing what it is in real sense, we are giving up a lot more important things. We are searching for something that is actually already available within us. We are all living in a myth which has taken the form of illusion.

Happiness means different to different people. It's an emotion i.e., feeling which one creates when one senses satisfaction in the form of achievements. We have made our happiness dependent on lots of things. Now the result is achievement will lead to happiness. Instead of being happy and then carry out every effort with whole heart and take the result as it comes, we have taken the whole thing upside down. If obstructions stop our way or cause any sort of hurdle in between, which leads to deviation from our path or journey, we become demotivated. Obstructions are natural and cannot be predetermined.

We have a very strong habit of predetermining or planning everything, which is actually if seen is not a wrong thing to do. It is wisely said that if you have eight hours to chop a tree, then spend six hours to plan and next two remaining hours to chop it. Such is the importance of planning. However, planning the outcome is foolishness. One can plan their journey but one cannot plan how smooth their journey can be or the fruits one will reap after completing their journey. If one is given rights to do so then one will always plan their route in a smooth, straight direction. Nobody will like to go in zigzag manner which is time consuming. However, this is not in our hands.

We believe that our journey will be smooth, free of hurdles and this belief of ours we make it so strong both in our conscious and subconscious mind that even slightest discomfort shakes our confidence. This sort of before hand planning is wrong. While trekking or hiking we are prepared that there will be tons of obstacles in our ways. We may need to climb rocks, cross rivers, come across wild animals, keep our hunger pangs and thirst at bay to reach destination. Thus, we actually do not complain. However, when we are busy in our day to day lives and all of a sudden escape a fall caused by a small pebble, we start cursing it because we didn't expect it in our way. Such is the harm expectations does to us.

We usually are scared and tremble from the hurdles planted in our way because they cause deviation from our path. We may have planned that our journey from point A to point B will be smooth in a straight line without any hurdle present in between. However, this is something we have planned. There may be a tree, a tall mountain, a river in between. All these can be crossed successfully and one can get back to their path but it is a little time consuming as one has to take a little deviation. Instead of cursing the obstacles or someone who has planted these hurdles in between and losing heart, one can remain calm and try to cross them with enough confidence.

One has to understand what he has in his hands and what he doesn't has it. We often try to correct or rectify things that is not in our hands and hardly concentrate on something that we can. In our journey of life, we have control on ourselves, on our senses and the things that we cannot control is others. Since we are our masters, we can inherit all good qualities in ourselves. We can instill lots of confidence, patience, compassion, understanding etc..... These qualities will keep us at peace so that we can remain calm and keep a positive attitude towards everything. Our faith will not be shaken and not at any point during journey we will even think of giving up. With such a positive attitude, no hurdle can cause a harm to us. The elements which we cannot control are others and those hurdles or circumstances that prevail around us every second. Our positive attitude will thus lend us a feeling of compassion towards others. It will help us to understand their point of view and show kindness to them irrespective of whether their deeds are causing harm to us or helping us in some manner.

Obstruction since deviates our path, we require extra time to reach our desired destination. Thus, patience is a key factor which will motivate during time of crisis. A patient person will understand the situation and work accordingly instead of blaming others. An immature, impatient person will waste his time standing there and end up giving up and put the blame of his failure on others.

Obstruction may be in the form of some material or person himself. It may be present since a long time or may have arrived from nowhere all of a sudden. Most important thing one has to remember is that no matter how difficult it is, it still can be crossed, it can be passed successfully. There is no hurdle that cannot be crossed. If your nerves deny it, go beyond your nerves. Instill a lot of confidence in you and aim at destination. Happiness is within us. We do not have to make it dependent on something. Instead of programming our mind to become happy after reaching destination, we have to understand that we are happy souls. Happiness is inherent quality of our souls and no obstruction can shake this feeling of happiness.

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  1. Shampa Sadhya

It's true that every individual is a happy soul but one fails to understand it. It's because most of us do not know what exactly we want in life and so our craving never ends. The day we will be able to realise our wants and dream even learn to...

It's true that every individual is a happy soul but one fails to understand it. It's because most of us do not know what exactly we want in life and so our craving never ends. The day we will be able to realise our wants and dream even learn to be contented then automatically we will be the happy souls.

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  1. Reena    Shampa Sadhya

Lack of knowledge will never make us contented. Once we know happiness and contentment is within us, we will never look for them in outer world.

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