Today stress and tension has become an integral part of our life style. A few decades ago, it was seen that only during times of crisis and tough time people would suffer from stress. Rest of the period they would live calmly, very stably. However, today irrespective of what age a person may be, stress and tension are very commonly experienced. Not only elderly individuals, even kids experience same amount of stress and tension. Stress is a gift of modern age to us.

We ourselves are responsible for being stress all the time. It is not something created outside. It is an internal creation and there are many causes for it to develop. A person who keeps thinking all the time and the thoughts that he is been creating are of very negative quality often remains in stress. Useful thoughts are the normal thoughts related to our day to day work. These thoughts enable us to schedule our work and complete it in proper time whereas useless thoughts are the one that are created thinking about past or future. Past cannot be repaired and what's in future can never be told. Thus, one needs to check what kind of thoughts he is creating. Decrease the amount of thoughts and concentrate on work that is to be done. Less and less number of thoughts created, more peaceful a life will be.

Work that has to be done in scheduled time, should be efficiently completed within that duration. A stitch in time, saves nine. Postponing work, delaying it to next hour or next day, only increases burden as along with this pending work, one also needs to complete work that is to be given to them in next hour. Our this habit may be due to our laziness or inefficiency. Whatever the reason may be not being punctual in completing tasks never pays off. It's better to finish off work at earliest. Work done in desired hours does not invite stress in our lives. Work that builds up everyday definitely becomes a matter of concern to us. We keep thinking about our uncompleted work and thereby stress and tension follows. Once stress is created, irritation and frustration build up. Thus, one needs to be regular and punctual in no matter what work they need to accomplish.

Some of us today are scared of putting in efforts. It may be due to our inefficiency or may be we want an easy way out. Whatever the reason may be, fruits can only be reaped, if a seed is planted. If no seed is sowed, no matter how long one waits, no plant will grow and thereby no fruits can be reaped. Efforts are essential. Along with efforts, efficiency is necessary. Success is not about an easy way out or day dreaming. It's all about successful planning and then successfully accomplishing the desired plan into action. Inefficiency can be cured by hard work. Beginners are often inexperienced and thus they may find themselves inefficient. However, hard work and experience makes them a pro in their respective fields. For this, one needs to start somewhere at some point. If we are scared of making a start and keep taking stress whether we will be successful or not will take us nowhere. Thus, keeping our stress at bay and believing completely in our inner strength, we need to make a start. Once efficiency is shown, success is definite.

Anger is another very important cause of stressful life. Anger and stress are very closely related. Some of us show anger or reacts badly only in certain situations whereas others do it all the time. They keep doing it regardless or whether a situation is very small or is drastically critical. They keeping shouting at people for no definite reason whether they have committed a small, silly mistake or have done a blunder. More the number of times we become angry, more stress we are creating within ourselves. Same situation or same person on whom we are throwing our tantrums can be tackled very calmly and peacefully. If we desire to live a peaceful life, we need to check on our anger.

Some of us today are even scared of certain things or certain situations. We do not want to face them at any cost. This nature of ours always keep us tensed and keep us away from living stress free life. We since do not want to meet with our fear are in constant effort of avoiding such situations or people. However, it is better to face our fear. Once we face our fear, we get rid of it and can live a fearless life. Fear causes us to live in a nutshell and by facing it we tend to rupture the shell. We should not be scared of anything anymore in our lives.

Another cause of stress is lack of ability in believing others i.e., fear of trusting them. Some of us do not believe others easily. It's essential that we completely analyze the situations, completely understand the person we are about to face and after carefully understanding them should trust them and deal with them. This rules out any possibility of being cheated. However, some of us do not have that ability in us to build up trust towards others, no matter how trustworthy a person may be. Being careful is important and essential too in today's world. However, being suspicious about everyone and everything in life brings with it lots of stress and tension in life. Such people can never live a healthy stable life. Thus, one has to check the limits of suspicion they are creating for others and tackle it calmly.

Stress is a cause of psychosomatic diseases. It exerts negative effect on mental balance. It tends to affect metabolic levels in our body and also causes harm to digestive system and respiratory system. More than 90% of the diseases in world is psychosomatic. We do not understand how dreadful this stress is in our lives and very easily give an explanation that stress is common and natural. It is not natural and normal but it is deadly, as it not only causes metabolic changes and affects each and every cell in our body but also causes certain dreadful serious diseases related to heart. Stress makes a person to go for binge eating especially foods which are unhealthy and deep fried. This excess consumption of food results in overweight. More the weight increases, more number of diseases and disorders make room in body. On the other hand, in certain individuals, stress and tension make an individual to eat less. Loss of appetite in them make them devoid of lots of nutrients. As a consequence, lots of disorders related to nutritional deficiency develops in them. Sometimes, stress also be so serious that a person can experience dizziness and even fall unconscious.

Stress not only causes ill physical health but can also affect mental health of a person. It is a disorder which is formed in mind. Individuals when are in constant stress and find themselves incapable of fighting from it become prone to many addictions. They take help of alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc..... which will distract them for a while from stressful life and help them to reach an altogether different zone. As a consequence, within few days they become alcoholic, chronic smokers, drug addicts and thereby now they have to not only fight from their stressful life but also have to deal with their addiction which requires a lot of time and money. This will further deteriorate health of individuals and make them suffer from lots of diseases. Stress not only affects physical and mental health but also affects a healthy relationship between two individuals. Stressful life breaks or weakens the bond between two individuals and as a consequence many a times causes isolation. It breaks the bond between joint families, causes trouble in marriage. Stress creates fear of being successful and fear of earning bread and butter for the family.

Stress has to be gradually reduced in life and eventually should be eradicated from one's life. It is a disorder that is formed in mind. Stimulus however is outside and thereby we blame others for our stressful life. We often blame other individuals or circumstances that caused us pain and made way for stress and tension in our lives. We do not understand that it is we who create it and hence it is we who can stop it from being created. No matter how cruel situations we need to face, no matter how difficult circumstances arrive, if we program our mind to remain calm, stress free, we will definitely be able to come out of that situation successfully. Regardless of how difficult circumstance is, we can tackle it very well by remaining at peace. Where there is peace, stress does not arrive. Peaceful life is a stress free life.

Stress only worsens the situation. Results we get by solving a situation by remaining at peace is far superior than the results we obtain from completing that task in stress. We ourselves affect our results. Thus, we should remain calm and positive. It will help us to think in all directions. Stress narrows down thinking. It closes down the doors and shuts down the possibilities and options. Number of options remain same in front of an individual who is calm as well as to the person who is in stress. The only difference is that the person who is in stress cannot analyze the situation well and do not think positively when compared to an individual who remains calm and peaceful throughout the course.

As cause is within, so is the solution. It is we who are creating stress and thus should work upon ourselves, so that we can greatly reduce it. Once we have understood that it is we who are creating stress, we will stop blaming others for our failure or difficulties that we are facing during course. Once we stop wasting time on blaming others we will start exploring our options to tackle the situations. We will instill in ourselves lots of positive energy and this positiveness towards life will help us to effectively tackle situation no matter how difficult it is. This kind of positive attitude will never leave a room for stress and tension in our lives and will fill within us lots of enthusiasm and courage which will enable us to achieve our dreams and reach our goal.

Stress can be greatly reduced by meditation. Yoga, pranayam will also bring discipline in our lives which will teach us to remain calm and stable all the time. Early morning walk, brisk walking, trekking or hiking activities, nature camping, spending time watching sunrise or sunset all takes away stress from our lives. Diet is another important factor necessary to live a strong life. As will be the diet, so will be our mind. As will be the mind, so will be our body. We cannot eat all the wrong things i.e., we cannot follow an unhealthy diet and dream of living a stress free life. We need to keep some discipline with respect to our eating patterns and lifestyle. In times of stress, raw food diet which includes lots of fruits, vegetables and their juices and milk is very beneficial. It boosts up the metabolism and fills in lots of energy which is very high when compared with the one that is obtained after consuming unhealthy foods. Energy is essential to do work, to think right and to perform efficiently. Lots of positivism and right energy can only help us accomplish what we want. Raw food diet will boost up our energy levels and as this diet is quite light but filling helps us to deliver work with efficiency. Other carbohydrate rich and fat rich diets provide energy but also a person will feel heavy and thus will not be able to deliver his best. Once performance is affected, it makes way for stress and tension.

Stress free life can be easily achieved once we understand its importance. We need to cultivate lots of discipline in our lifestyle. We have to eat right, think right, maintain our energy levels well so that we can achieve what we want. Stress is a disorder that develops within our mind. We can eradicate it completely and live a very peaceful life which is free of stress and tension by creating lots of positive thoughts within ourselves and around us.

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