Karma means work. It is task that we perform throughout our day. It is not only related to physical aspect but also mental aspect too. The thoughts we create towards others or regarding ourselves in day to day life all includes in karma. Physically we are doing hundreds of tasks daily. It may be our day to day chores or something that is specially meant to be done today. It may be studying, earning, singing, dancing etc..... Same goes with karma created through mind. Main purpose of mind is to think and thus it creates thoughts all the time. These thoughts created can be positive or negative. They can be very useful or completely waste. All these thoughts that we create knowingly or unknowingly is also known as karma is been done. The only thing is that we are not aware with this fact that thinking is also karma and feel that karma is only something that we perform from our physical ability.

Right from morning till night, we keep on doing our tasks. Once the work is done, it is obvious that we will reap its result. Thus, an account is created. This account itself is known as Karmic account. It's like sowing the seeds. After a certain duration we will reap its fruits. If technique of sowing seeds were right, proper care was taken to water it time to time and complete efforts were shown with efficiency, then the yield too will be of high quality. Contrary to this, if no care was taken and the seeds were just dumped on the ground, hardly one could expect any yield to obtain from such an inefficient work that has been carried out. Results are very clear. Good things we do in our lives, bring us a happy future. Bad and evil things bring out the same bad outcome. It's like a pendulum. The amount of force with which we push it in other direction, it will come back to us with the same amount of force. We can't expect the other wise results.

Most of us today often complain and blame others for hard times that we face. We just simply do not understand that it is nothing but pay back of our deeds something we did in our past and from past it can also mean past lives. As we are unaware with the truth, we are in constant conflict with others. We blame others all the time and sometimes we make them pay back as we develop a feeling of revenge for them. This further creates karmic account. Today we are facing hard times because we had done something bad in our past. Instead of accepting it as it is, if we further keep on repeating the same mistake then we will face even more hard times in our future. Say, somebody cheated on us with money. This is because we did the same to him in our past times. Instead of blaming them for the wrong they have done to us, we need to be calm and composed. By being calm and composed does not mean we let others do wrong to us. We can take legal actions against them. We can fight for our rights. However, we should not create any negative thought for them. Lets be compassionate towards them. We have to understand their point of view. The other person has committed a crime and thus he himself is in pain as no one remains happy after anything wrong they do. His conscious allowed him to get involve in such a sin. He is already in pain and lets not increase his pain further by thinking something negative about him. We have to resolve everything we have between us. From our side at least we have to neutralize karmic account and this happens only when we stop spreading negativity from our side.

We get what we deserve. It is a universal truth everyone should understand and believe firmly. Instead of believing in it we try to aim at all those things which we do not get. We can aim in our lives, set particular goals and with sheer determination and hard work, completely focus on our target. If we deserve to get it, we will definitely achieve it. If we do not get it, we have to understand that we were not meant for this achievement. Instead of losing hope, we have to increase our efficiency and work towards our goal with more passion regardless of how many times we fail. Failure is something that never gets tagged to us, unless we ourselves quit. Until and unless we quit, we will never fail. If one door is closed, just look around there are thousands of doors of opportunities waiting for us. We are not able to see them as lots of negativity is filled within us. If we do not succeed at something does not mean we have failed at it. It means something still better is waiting for us at the next stop. We consider one particular goal as best for us. Once we do not reach it, feel miserable and think that everything has ended in life. However, this is not the case. We had in our minds that this is best for us but destiny had planned something else for us and once we open our eyes and see the things clearly, we will realize that we have been offered what we deserved and nothing is more better for us than this.

We should never perform a bad karma neither to others nor to oneself. Never try to cheat, lie or disrespect as everything is going to come back to us. We have to develop goodness in us. This goodness will help us get rid of evil characters like lust, anger, greed, attachment etc..... Once evilness vanishes, it gets replaced by goodness. Evil in us will always demand an eye for an eye. Once someone does something bad to us, we always remain in search of an opportunity to get back to them for a revenge. The other person will feel the same and try to get back to us and in this way karmic account will never end. Goodness in us will help us understand what made us go through all these circumstances. It will help us remain stable in both good and bad times. Being stable means understanding that both our achievements and failures are the yields of our deeds and thus we will stop blaming others for something wrong they did to us.

Karmic account is something that cannot be taken lightly. It has to be taken very seriously. Every second we are creating a karmic account with each and every person we are meeting as well as by thinking about them. It is an account between two individuals. If we do not care about it and continue doing evil deeds then our karmic account so created with each and every individual we meet will not be pleasant. It's just not about physical karma. We often question that we have not done anything wrong to say some person, then why is our relationship with that person not on that level where it has to be. We may not have done anything wrong to him physically. Never have cheated him, ill-treated him or lied to him and say same goes from his side too. Let us now check how our thoughts are about that person. Mind is fleeter than wind. We throughout the day keep thinking and creating so many thoughts. Now we have to check whether our thoughts are of same level as our deeds. We may not do anything physically damaging to that person but are we not thinking a few things about him which we fear if told to him will break the bond. We should never create thoughts which we are unable to express to them in person. These kind of negative thoughts created by us, we feel that it not been sent to them and they do not know what is in our mind because our behavior is very pleasant with them. However, this is not true. Each and every thought of ours reach to that particular person, triggers in them same kind of thinking and when they create same quality of thoughts, it comes back to us and the cycle continues. This is how karmic account is created. The person may not exactly know what we are thinking but will definitely feel the quality. If we do not want to experience anything bad happen to us externally or internally, we need to check on our karma and create positive account with each and every individual we meet in person and also towards them whom we may not have met but we know them through someone.

We often live in a myth that if we worship God and if he gets pleased by our services, we will be forgiven and we need not face outcome of our wrong deeds. Thus, we often donate our offerings to God. We visit spiritual places. We take baths in holy rivers. We read spiritual books. We make sure that we attend each and every spiritual session of our Guru. We torture ourselves in various ways like walking bare foot on the way to spiritual places, keep ourselves starved for days together and do everything that is been told to us to do which can please God and thereby we never have to face consequences of our wrong deeds or else if we are already facing them then try to terminate all at once. Some of them even claim that so and so particular place has power and thus was able to help them come out of their sufferings or fulfilled their wishes, or else so and so particular ritual or sacrifice helped them greatly. Such words spread easily from ear to ear and within no time majority of us get inclined in performing such an act and we make sure that we visit that place at the earliest. We start creating a blind faith. We may get benefited by it. But are we going to get benefited every time we perform such a ritual or make a visit to such a place. If there is power in that place then it has to fulfill wishes of each and every person every time they go. If there is power in any act of ritual or sacrifice that is being made then it has to be effective every time it is been performed. Why do we get positive results sometimes where as rest of the times we do not get any result at all or not as effectively desired results as we wanted? For this too, we very easily blame God. We say that may be God is not with us or he is angry with us. Sometimes we may feel that may be we have not worshiped him or performed rituals with complete devotion or faith.

We must understand that God is Supreme Soul. He is free from all the evil characters and this is what makes him Supreme. He can never be angry. He does not possess any sort of anger and thus will never show a rage to us. It is we who live in illusion and myth. He is an ocean of unconditional live. Unconditional love means he does not differentiate a good person from an evil one. He does not share his love more with a soul who is filled with lots of goodness and punishes an evil person. For him every soul is same. It is we who differentiate and think very narrowly. He neither blesses us nor curses us. He just loves us. Our achievements as well as failures are all outcomes of our deeds. We often owe our good times or achievements to him and say that our success is because of his blessings. Similarly, while we are going through hard phase in our lives or facing constant failures we feel that we are being cursed as God is showing his rage on us and then by making constant efforts try to please Him. Sometimes all of a sudden our problem gets solved and everything seems going perfect and this is the time when our belief in Him gets stronger. We thereby stick to that kind of ritual or make a point that we visit that particular spiritual place without fail. We do not understand that no matter whether we had performed that particular ritual or not, no matter whether we had gone to that spiritual place or not, our problem was going to get solved by this time.

It's all our karmic account. Something bad we do to someone and in return we too have to experience it back whether we like it or not. We have to experience it in same amount and for the same duration. No matter how much efforts we put in to please God, we have to face consequences of our deeds. Neither ritual nor any place of spiritual importance can revert back the consequences. Our sufferings or hard times sometimes end just after our visit to spiritual place or after practicing that ritual or sacrifice. This increases our belief in them but it is nothing more than coincidence. We do not realize it was meant to end. Belief is good. However, blind belief is dangerous. It is more like a myth and takes the form of superstition. We are destined to enjoy our success for particular duration and we do so as we were meant for it and it is all because of our hard work and good deeds we did in our past. Similarly, we are destined to face failure and go through difficult times for particular duration because of our wrong and evil deeds we did in our past. Now no matter how many rituals we perform, it cannot change our bad time into good and vice versa. One has to face what he has to face.

The person going through difficult times is already in pain and if he lives in the constant fear that God is angry with him, he is just accelerating his fear. On this, he is performing so many acts which is again consuming his time and toll and creating more turbulence in him as he is doing it all out of fear. Instead of creating fear, if he makes efforts in understanding the situation then everything will work out fine in his life. He has to understand that the situation he is facing is because of his past karma and he has to face it till karmic accounts settle. He neither can run from it nor should even try to run from it. Consequences are natural and they will come whether one desires for them or not. Thus, one has to be ready to face them with confidence. It is art of living. An individual the way he remains happy and joyful during his good times should also show same type of understanding and attitude during difficult times. He should understand that it is just a phase which will get over with time. It may be a little longer for some people. However, eventually it will end and everything will be alright.

By creating turbulence in us, we are creating difficulties for us which we need to face in future. Our sufferings in present are consequences of our past deeds. If we do not check our present karma, we are creating difficult future for us as our today's creating is going to come back to us in the same form in our future. Calm and stability in present will lead to a stable future. Turbulence, lots of stress, tension, irritation, frustration will make us live an unpleasant future. Thus, whatever done is done. Face it calmly as we have no other way out. Present is in our hands. If we take care of present, our future will be automatically taken care of because it is the present on which future is built. Regretting on past deeds is of no use. One cannot correct them but can only learn from past mistakes. One has to learn from their mistakes and always remember not to repeat them at any cost. Planning future is also something not very clever thing to do. Though we can set goals but if we along with setting goals also decide results what we are going to get by reaching goals is mere foolishness. Our karmic account always comes in between and we are bound to face what we have to face and thus things may not turn out to be the way we expected. Thereby we get disappointed and sense a feeling of failure. Instead of building up expectations, we have to start acceptance. We expect people to do what we want them to do. We expect circumstances or situations to turn out the way we want them to be. Instead of expecting from them we have to accept the people the way they are. We have to learn to accept the situations the way they arrive. Only then we can remain stable as we have accepted the outcome, embraced it well and are no longer differentiating good people from evil, nor differentiating good times from difficult times. it's all same for us.

We do wrong to other souls. We tend to cheat them, misbehave with them or hurt them in one way or the other and then we very easily go and confess to God and ask for his forgiveness. When we are doing something good or bad with an individual, our karmic account gets created with him. Even the quality of thoughts we create for him develops karmic account between us and him. If we do something good to him, in return something good will be returned by him and if we do something bad, in return we can expect the same. We cannot wipe out our deeds and change the consequences. We need to deal with our karmic account. No body can intervene it. If we do wrong to one person and help hundred others so that we need not face the consequences of our wrong deeds we did to that person, is just not going to happen. Our karmic account that we created with the person to whom we did wrong is separate and now by doing service or good to hundred people we have created separate hundred karmic accounts. No doubt in future we will receive sweet fruits from these hundred individuals in return of our favor but we will also receive bitter fruit from that individual to whom we did something wrong. We cannot mingle everything. We should serve others but the purpose behind serving should be clear. Service should not be done to wipe out past deeds as this is never going to happen.

After our past wrong karma we go and confess to God and ask for his forgiveness. To him every soul is same. He will never punish us nor bless us. All he does is that he empowers us. We can take strength from him which will help us to fight odds in our life and remain stable in both good and bad times. Doing something wrong to someone and asking for God's forgiveness is stupidity. God never intervenes our karmic account nor he creates it. It is we who create our karmic account and thus either can make or mar our future. Another stupidity we do is providing plenty of services to needy in form of food, shelter, water, medicine etc..... thinking that our positive deeds will neutralize negative karma. If we have to confess then we need to go and confess to that person to whom we have done wrong. We should ask for his forgiveness. He may or may not forgive us but we ourselves will feel internally peaceful. Once confessed, we should try to change our that character which made us to do wrong to him. Simply asking for forgiveness is no greatness. Preventing mistake to become a blunder is important. Once we change that wrong character we have in ourselves, we will prevent ourselves from doing the same bad deed to him or to any other soul. This change is the real confession. Our asking for forgiveness help us to get rid of guilt which is very important for internal peace. We cannot undo which is already been done as we cannot correct or change our past. The other person forgives us or not is his issue and it should not be a matter of concern to us as we have made a real change in us. Thus, we are guilt free and now we need to make ourselves free from fear as we have to face the consequences of our wrong karma which will definitely be unpleasant. Fear and anxiety worsens the situation. We need to remain stable in times of crisis which will help us to deal with the situation well. We should be ready to face any sort of situation that comes before us. Fear is of no use as we have to deal with what we have to deal.

Sometimes unexpected results arrive before us and all we do is sit and complain of how wrong others have done to us when we have not done even a bit wrong to them. All we are able to see is this life times journey. Karmic account is not between two bodies. It is between two souls. It get carried forward from one life time to another and whenever two souls will meet no matter after how long they have arrived before one another, they will carry forward the karmic account from that point from where they ended. If in previous times, relation between two souls was good, they will have a pleasant relationship whenever they meet and if it was not so good earlier, it will be carried forward in present times too. This is the reason that sometimes we will find a person with whom we may not have any sort of relation or contact and even though he or she may not have done anything good to us but still we are fond of him and love him. On the other hand, we may hate someone no matter how caring and loving he is to us. This all love and hatred feelings we develop among us are the set of characters we carry forward from one life time to another. We just have to be clear that we maintain a separate karmic account with each and every individual. It is we who create it and the consequences we face is because of our karma and not because of some one else. If the other person does something wrong to us, he will face the consequences. Even if he does something wrong to us, we can maintain stability and can come out of the situation very well.

God does not create our destiny. It's we who create it and thus whatever the outcome is we ourselves are responsible for it. We rarely put a blame on us and lay ourselves responsible and this is all because of ignorance. We blame others for our loss and when we cannot find any one around us on whom we can levy responsibility of our failure, we shoulder the whole failure burden on God. We need to stop doing it. Our present is a mere reflection of our past. The things we are facing or experiencing are all outcome of our karma we had done in past times. We need to set things right now. Present is in our hands. Instead of complaining about the people or situations we are facing, let's accept them the way they are. Acceptance means internal stability. It means telling to oneself that the behavior of people or severity of circumstances are exactly the way they are meant to be. Once this fact is accepted, we will rarely lose patience. We will remain internally calm and never get disturbed. Once we reach this stage, we will face all the odds in our life very calmly. Since our present is calm and we are creating a very nice positive karmic account with everyone around us in our present, we will experience the same carry forward in our future. We are laying foundation for our better future and the stepping stone will be understanding that we develop within us.

Each and every karma of ours create karmic account. Karma does not only include work that we do externally. Each and every thought we create for ourselves or for others is also karma. We maintain a separate karmic account with every soul we get connected. No body can intervene this account. We ourselves are responsible for the quality and kind of karmic account we need to maintain with other souls and therefore we need to decide whether we want to maintain a good relationship with them or just a superficial one. If we need to build a good karmic account with others, we need to fill in us with lots of goodness and act accordingly. Each and every karma of ours create our own destiny.

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