Life is a journey which is full of surprises. It is a smooth hurdle free journey to some whereas for others it seems roller coaster ride. Every soul is on its own journey. Decisions once taken and the deeds once done, then one has to face outcome for sure. Though our love for other souls especially our near and dear ones is pure but we cannot bound them forever.

Every thing around us is mortal. To keep our views clear and live a simple life, we need to understand what all will be subjected to mortality and what all substances will remain with us forever. We have to let go our past as we all are aware of the fact that past cannot be repaired. We can always learn from our past mistakes and should remain fully aware in our present so that we do not commit them again. Most of us instead of learning from past, keep on cursing themselves or others for the rough time being faced in the past. This behavior instead of healing wounds, will lead to further surface scratching which will always keep wounds unhealed. The more and more surface is scratched, more delay one needs to face in recovery. Wound that would have been healed way back in the past was not allowed to do so and this is nobody's but our own mistake.

Whether the wound was caused by some one else or by ourselves, it is left to us whether we have to heal it or let it remain unhealed. If not allowed to recover, it will become prone to infection which will again cause lots of pain. We ourselves are responsible for our pain. If we determine and decide that we will always remain happy then no soul on this earth has the ability to cause any harm to us. It is the same way in which if a person wants to remain healthy and fit then no sort of infection or disease can affect his health. This is because of his conscious efforts he is putting in to remain healthy. His efforts will pay back him and bless him with good health. Thus, our conscious has to be clear. If we want to remain happy we need to let go all the turbulence that developed between us and other souls. We need to forget as well as forgive for our betterment. Does not matter who was responsible for creating turbulence. Need of this hour is to let go and forgive whoever did create it. Also, we need to forget the incident as remembering it again and again is like scratching the wound.

Let go should not only be kept confined to past deeds. Even in present it can work wonders if applied in our day to day lives. Let go does not only mean forgetting and forgiving wrong things others have done to us or vice versa. It also means letting go the people around us. As we know that each soul is on its own journey, we cannot create turbulence in others path. We should not get entangled in others business. They may be near and dear one of ours or may be total strangers. It does not mean that we cannot give suggestions or advice to them. For example, letting go does not mean parents cannot advice their kids to choose a right career or guide them in their journey or a friend cannot suggest or recommend something to his best friend. Letting go means fulfilling our duties and letting other person decide for himself. One can always make suggestions and give advice. What we do is, we do not let others especially our near and dear ones to choose for themselves as we are very sure of our suggestions and doubt their chosen options. In this way, we get entangled with them. Each soul has to decide for himself and thus we need to let go others no matter how close they are to us and allow them to make decisions of their lives.

Let go does not only remain confined to past. It is an attitude we need to develop. Once develop, it will rise us above small things and will aid to our greatness. We will no longer disturb ourselves over superficial issues. It will change our thinking and help us remain stress free and happy. It is a mantra we need to learn as well as teach others. Our life is precious and we cannot waste it thinking about some lame issue or fighting over with some one about something which is not of great concern. Let go is a mantra we need to learn and inculcate in our daily lives so that we understand the meaning of forgiveness. Soon it will become our attitude and help us become great and happy souls.

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