Each day we need to cross so many hurdles. We have tons of responsibilities to fulfill and when obstacles make our path difficult, our health suffers. Health does not only refer to body, but to mind too. Body becomes tired, mind becomes restless. Heart no longer remains light. As a result our soul becomes injured and spirit gets crushed. Living daily with these kind of changes developing in our body may seem normal to us. This is because we rarely remember what vibrant living is. Most of us lose hope as we accept our present life style and do not even try to get back that vibrant feeling which we had once. We need not look for directions on outside as path or direction is inside i..e, within itself. When this internal path is followed, it will make our lives joyful and rich.

Need to Heal One Self

Stressful life will not keep us at ease and we will start feeling that we are out of sync. This feeling itself will bring pain and suffering and this feeling develops because our body, mind and spirit are not in sync. Low energy and lack of enthusiasm will always make us feel dull and we will often miss those vibrant colors in our life. This will lower our mood and we will always feel that we are not living the way we should live i.e., something is missing in our lives. We cannot live this kind of life and thus all these problems have to be addressed and thereby we need to follow a right path.

Inner Healing Path

Our inner self guides us in all walks of life. Only thing essential is that we have to learn to listen to it. Most of the times, we neglect our inner voice and invite trouble for ourselves. We need to learn to open ourselves to inner guidance as well as inner healing pathway. Our inner guide help us through our senses, visions, intuitions, dreams, insights and when we listen to these guidance, we follow a path of awakening. Healing is an internal change which will demand realization to acceptance that it is us who are responsible for creating our thoughts, feelings, characters, personalities, actions, destiny etc. We become wise when we heal ourselves from inside and thus we change ourselves, instead of changing the world. We all deserve to live life to the fullest and feel best. This is our right and thus we need to learn to heal ourselves from inside.

Recovery Path

Our healing path is as unique and sacred as we are. All the knowledge that is essential for our healing and to reach divinity is abundantly present within us. Our sacred healing path leads us to the path of spirituality where only wisdom breathes as there is no scope for ignorance. This path helps us to identify with ourselves and we find our way back to been empowered. We are usually stuck in our old belief systems. These beliefs are destructive and do not take us anywhere, instead they block us. Healing path present within us helps us enormously by providing complete clarity to us and also empowers us so that we become whole self.

How to Begin Journey on Healing Path

Changes have to be made so that we can begin our journey of internal awakening. Every individual's path is different and thus we have to stop comparing ourselves with others. A whole lot of commitment is required to walk on new found path. Going backward does not makes any sense. Healing begins when we want it to begin. Thus, desire is essential and for desire to arise we need to gain knowledge. Thus, reading becomes essential. Once one makes up mind to begin journey on healing path, one will face many obstacles and hurdles in way and that will lead to distraction and to stop deviation from right path, one has to take help of meditation which will relieve oneself from anxiety state. Spend more and more time with healer who will help in removal of all those filters we have in ourselves which works as our blockage. As we embrace more and more in our spiritual journey, more and more healing will take place within ourselves.

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