Has science killed God or has it reinforced the existence of God?

There was never any God to start with. The only thing Science has killed is Religion.

Or rather, that's true in the civilized world. The USA is still in the grip of bible-thumping archeo-fundamentalist-Christians.

Unfortunately, as has been said, Science cannot kill off the masses' tendency to sit and be spoon-fed fairytales which they then cling to: in other words, some idiots continue to cling onto their faith.

I know about Buddhism. They deny ultimate existence of any "God" thing.and I am not trying to defend "God".

Science has killed neither Gods nor religion. What science is doing is showing us that there a good explanations for things in the world that don't require gods.

If religious belief shrivels and dies just because something comes along which explains the material world well, it clearly didn't stand on too strong a foundation to start with.

Science doesn't feed the part of us that religion does. It is the battle of mind and heart. Mind can suppress heart, but it's not a natural thing. Mostly they work together. This doesn't mean that "God/s" specifically are required, it only means that something has to exist that balances everything out.

I think science is starting to grow to fit both rolls(Jungian theories) and in that way, it may overtake religion.

In the long run, I think that either science will win or they will grow to work with each other. Religion doesn't have a chance in standing on its own.

Unfortunately, as has been said, Science cannot kill off the masses' tendency to sit and be spoon-fed fairytales which they then cling to: in other words, some idiots continue to cling onto their faith.

People are being spoon-fed fairytales that are sold as science, and the masses cling on to this blindly, because it is being called 'science' by the media. People don't realize that an overwhelming portion of what is being called 'science' is fairly-tales.

The idiots are ignorant, and this ignorance is not correlated with faith. Answer me this question: what is science, and what is a technocracy? Which one do we have today, and what is the role of science in that?

there are two kinds of people

1- people who think they understand

2- people who do understand

GOD has not been killed by science . due to two reasons

1- if there ever was a GOD He wouldn’t allow science to go that far

2- What about all the billions of things science fails to explain and ultimately cant reason anymore that is where philosophy comes into play taking a further step philosophy specializes into religion!!! and thus reinforces the existence of a GOD

so. for the people who think they understand everything keep thinking GOD is dead

and for those who know that we know only a grain of the knowledge there is will understand that the question "Has Gabriel killed God??" would have more sense than "has science killed God??"

I do not claim to understand everything. I merely claim that as Science progresses, it becomes increasingly less necessary to refer to God as an element in the description of the world, and that therefore, taken to its logical extreme at some point in the future, anything we currently ascribe to God will be described by science. Case in point: The ancient Egyptians used to ascribe the yearly floods of the Nile to divine intervention, and yet now we know it is a trivial matter of seasonality owing, ultimately, to the orbit of the Earth around the Sun that drives seasonal meteorological phenomena.

Calling something a 'science' does not make it bona-fide Science. Case in point: Creation Science. A bigger pile of crap there never was, and Science, despite its name, it is not.

Calling something 'a pile of crap' does not make it bona-fide pile of crap.

Your opinion about creationism means absolutely nothing, because you do not have the authority to make that claim. Sorry James, but you are just noise. If you did have the authority, by being a rich and powerful media personality (such as an editor of a scientific journal or a decorated scientist), then your assertions about creationism being 'unscientific' would have been roughly equivalent to a powerful clergy a few centuries ago declaring something 'heresy'. Since you do not have this authority, and you are just repeating the latest technocratic mantra ("science requires atheism"), you are just a follower.

Who gets to decide what is and what is not science? And are these decisions made scientifically? We live in a technocracy.

Being a bit pedantic, but isn't science just a concept we use? An important one for sure, but saying it can 'kill' is venturing on to similar ground to that deity who's going to 'punish' all unrepentant sinners after death. Or rather, it's a biased way of asking about science and religion with the hidden question, 'do you find scientific people more agreeable than religious people'?

No, Science cannot kill God, because, God is a creation of the human mind. Interesting that the human mind chose to ascribe its creation to God creating a vicious cycle.

But, science has managed to create a more rational human being, who now looks at natural unexplained phenomenon and searches for its logic. God was supposed to have created man, woman, animal kind, plant life and so on and so on. till Darwin said, Man and woman evolved; till science explained creation of earth, moons, solar system, galaxies and so on. Suddenly, God was said to have done only that which remains unexplained... beginning of time, Big Bang, etc. So, one day, science will know how that happened and God will have done the beyond of that. In the last 200 years, human mind has used science to discover the boundaries of nature and has granted God a lesser role in creation. Yet, the human mind is in search of that power to be one, to be all powerful, to know all, to be omnipresent, omniscient, etc... something I suppose we can without science too. But, very few supposedly have got there, with or without science - that boundary is called GOD too.

God is the unknown / unexplained edge of the universe we know today. Some of this we know through science today. Some we have knowledge of through wisdom passed on from people who knew of the edge with or without science.

Science can't kill the edge, it can only expand it, push it towards new unknown boundaries.



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