Boys and girls

Good friendship is a Great friendship

A boy and a boy is friends

A girl and a girl is friends

A boy and a girl is friends

Girls and boys are fiends



Friendship between boys and girls is normal, natural and healthy. But often, because of traditional values or personal attitudes, it is regarded as some thing immoral and wrong. It is not easy to say exactly when a youngster can take decisions about his or her own feelings or talk seriously about `falling in love’, but school is neither the time nor the place for it!


A Boy likes to a boy

A Girl likes to a girl

A boy and a girl love

Love is sweet if it true love

Love is poison if it duplicate


School is where you spend most of your day. You have the time to get to know people, make friends, play together, work together; discover and appreciate each other as persons rather than as a `boy’ or a `girl’.

Orthodox attitudes are not always easy to break, but often parents are strict about `dating’ only because they feel it is unsafe for a boy or a girl to go out alone.

Information and `crushes’ are also normal but to take them seriously can lead to depression. Good, strong and steady friendships are much more fulfilling and long lasting. But, sometimes young people get overemotional and lose their heads and the situation can get out of hand. It can saddle you with responsibilities and decisions you are not yet ready to take.

Keeping control over one’s is a good thing to learn early in life. Knowing what to do and when, and doing the right thing at the right time, that’s what being mature is all about. Of course, sex is very healthy and normal desire and so are feelings regarding it. But, there’s a time for everything, whether it is school or play or love.

Just as it dangerous and foolhardy for a ten year old to drive a car, likewise school is too early, hence harmful, physically and mentally, for very young people to think of sex. Besides, you should not get into something you do not know much about. It’s always wiser to go to your parents or teachers to clear your doubts rather than believe what your parents or teachers to clear your doubts rather than believe what your friends tell you and take a wrong step which you’ll regret later.






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