GOOGLE - The King Of Internet

While specifying a word 'Internet' , is the website,which strikes out first in all mind.

When i was searching about upcoming 'OS'(Operating System),I came to know about "Android".

Here i am going to share some points about Android.

Android is a open source program ,which was developed by 1000's of developers around the world.It is based on Linux.It is a free OS and now it was used in mobile phones.Google released Android OS for mobile phones in the year 2007.
Due to the release of Android free OS,Microsoft reduce the price of Windows operating System.Android will fulfill all the needs of the user equal to windows.Google is the biggest company in the field of Internet.Now it comes to OS Market.

Android will be released by next year(2010). Android mobile phone users are increasing rapidly.So Android OS also can get equal number of user like windows.If it happens Android is the main enemy of Windows.

Android - A Futuristic OS.

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