India is overpopulated due to the competition between communities, religions or exploitation of women. Every citizen unfortunately wants his or her religion to be the majority. The main problem is that nobody wants to sacrifice their religion come what may The other important reason is illiteracy. Adoption is given least importance. All parents want beautiful children but they don’t realize that children are given to adoption camps mainly due to deformities, color or female kids. One of the most stupid things is for parents to wait for a boy child to pass on their assets. They wait even if there are six to seven girls. I get irritated by this fact and right now i feel like banging this keyboard.

I think the main problem is that people can't just relate that most of their problems are due to population. They just blame others for the problems without realizing that they are also responsible for the situation.

Everyone despises corruption but don't realize that lack of resources lead to corruption. Most of the people start asking for bribes as their income can't cope up with the expenditures.

If you plan to go somewhere, you have to make reservations three months in advance even before you apply for a leave, but people don't see that this is because there are too many people.

They have to pay donations to get their child admitted in a school, they blame the schools but don't realize that their are too many children seeking admission.

At present most of the educated families are aware of these things and are adopting single child policy, but we have almost 60%-70% people living in rural areas where the awareness is very low. This is where our government laacks. They have a reach almost everywhere, and instead of motivating people to have a single child they just try to keep their votes safe by telling them that they will get them all the facilities even when they know that it’s impossible.

Just imagine- India with 1.8 billion people; 2 times that of 1996 (900mil) would result in half the forest, half the fertile land, four times pollution and ultimately an import oriented country because India would be able to feed its own people which till date she is able to. The talks these days about India soon to become superpower seems too shallow isn't it?

This generation has a duty - a duty to spread awareness that what lies ahead of us.



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