Students and social service

Students of to –day are the leaders of tomorrow. The present day younger generation should be ready to shoulder the burden of leadership. This they can do effectively by understanding the intensity of present-day problems. One f such problems is that concerning the plight of the downtrodden in society. There are many physically and mentally handicapped people in our country. Thousands of people require humanitarian treatment. Many villages are still backward and need improvement. Illiteracy is wide spread. Unemployment is rampant. These have harmful effects on society. Students instead of wasting their energy, ability and time on vain pursuits can take part in social service. They may, to the best of their ability, try to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and ignorance of hygienic laws. This social service would do them and society a lot of good.


Students and politics

Politics has deep roots in life to –day. There is no in which polities does not have a hand. Political affairs and politicians wield great influence. So it is natural that students in modern times are attracted to politics. It is debated hotly whether students should actively participate in politics. The advocates of students’ participation say that it is necessary because being the leaders of the future they should be acquainted with political affairs of their country and of the world. Others point out that active participation of students in political affairs would add to the general student unrest that is already prevalent. Moreover, it would create divisions among the students and also spoil educational career. There is reason in both the arguments. But the wisest course would be that students could have a theoretical knowledge of politics in their student days. They may take part in mock parliaments and they like to become acquainted with political methods, and then after completing their education, enter actively into political field; choosing whichever party they feel lives up to their ideals.






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