Have you ever tried peeping into the world of tiny, little living things like insects? I often do so and find it very interesting to watch their activities. Although lots of professionally recorded videos and pictures available these days but the thrill of watching the things live and in reality is something very different. The world of these little creatures is amazing and I love watching these wonders.

In this article I am also going to share the pictures that I clicked with my digital camera to just impart a glimpse of what I had seen with my own eyes.

I was standing in front of a ruined mud hut where I happened to see an interesting event in the ant's world. There was a small hole and lots of ants were going inside it. The ants were of black colour and those were entering the hole very systematically one after the another there was no hurry or confusion. The diameter of the hole was enough large to allow the comfortable entry of ants into it. In the below posted picture, an ant is moving towards the hole.



The hard-working ants were very peacefully entering inside this hole. I was just clicking the pictures one by one of their activity.



Suddenly another creature appeared there but it was not an ant. It was bigger in size than these ants and was looking like a beetle.


When I saw the bigger thing more closely, I came to know that it was not single but these were two.



After the appearance of this creature a tension could be seen in the crowd of ants. Some were peeping out and then going back into their niche.


Within few minutes, the beetle like insects were seen entering inside the hole where ants were there. I could not make out exactly what happened after that inside but soon the ants were running out of the hole.



Perhaps it was a predator that had come to eat up the ants for its dinner.

Initially I thought of doing this story only in words, that would have been more convenient and less time consuming but I think by adding pictures, lesser words are explaining more matter.

The worlds of these tiny things are very interesting and I never watch these without my camera and hope to share more such picture stories soon!      

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