Woman's reservation

The logic behind bringing reservations for women in parliament is that, politics is a male dominated field and people want more women to take part in legislation. To ensure that women get a decent representation, the bill was formed. Let’s face it, in majority parts in India, women still are not allowed to work freely. In these places party heads look down upon women.

The fact that a person is a woman makes it a disqualification for being a politician in many places. hence to change this trend, reservation in parliament was suggested. I do not see any problem with this as there are enough and more qualified women.

Government is never going to introduce reservation for women in jobs or colleges. There will be guidelines which say that adequate representation should be given to women.

Any reservation of any kind based on caste, creed, sex or religion is not a means of uplift but a mode of partially paralyzing the working class and making them lazy and demented.

What is the use of reservation for women when they do not have a strong foundation of schooling? Give them the basic education only then can they reach a higher level. There is no point in reservation in higher institutes because then it is availed only by the already-benefited.

They are only degrading the merit and intelligence of women by portraying them as weak and in-need-of-reservation!!We can reach college by our own efforts. If you really want to help girls/women open more schools for them, give them free education. Make sure they are not married off at an early age, are not abused or exploited .These are the once in actual need of help. What is the point of reservation when many girls in our country are not allowed to study in schools!

The reason of reservation is given is because the government is incapable of given quality education to all. They simply don’t have the money and the money that they have is not being used properly. So until these changes, there will be reservations.



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