India is not only a geographic entity with all its goods and bad we move towards

better future provided if this where guys can understand the importance of our country. It has more emotional value then physical one.

The country's future depends on what we will go to offer the land and its people.

I view India as my home. A big joint family with limited resources but family members are smart enough if the head of the family according to need of the time this family will rule the world in near future without applying any force.

I do respect and i am grateful to everyone who works to ensure peace and safety in this country. Had it not been for them none us would have survived even the smallest protests in our country.

Thousands will be saved but let’s criticize for the one which was lost. Such attitude is the actual reason why India is still held back. We care for what’s wrong and what doesn't work, never to see what’s right and what’s working.



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