Concept of God

I can make no comment on who is God because I think we can not define God but what I believe that God has no religion and I have not found a better religious person than the one who loves people not his/her religion.

God exists in us or everywhere, just everywhere. I just need to feel or experience that all mighty. No need to explain anyone or follow someone else's feeling or experience of that all mighty.

GOD is everything there is, there isn’t, everything you can imagine, whatever you cannot.

God means

Nothing is before Him.

Nothing is After Him.

Nothing is Above Him.

Nothing is beyond His Reach.

He Begets Not, Nor was He Begotten.

The Creator, Provider, and All-Rich.

The All-Seer, The All-Knower.

He is One and Self-Sufficient.

He is not Nature, or any part of it.



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