I was recently reading an article about how terrapins (which are a sort of turtles) are being saved by an Institute in Florida when they come onto the land to lay their eggs.It gave detailed information of how the students patrolled the roads and areas around the beaches and looked out for these animals in trouble and helped them. That got me thinking about how such an activity would not be possible in India. I don't mean to say that there is no one who cares, there are people who feel strongly about animals and do a lot to help them survive in this increasingly human world, yet in India its not possible.

You need to have a strong social conscience to help the animals. Unfortunately in our country when there are so many hungry and needy humans on our social conscience, where is the time to spare for animals. Sure we have pets that we look after quite well but who has the time or inclination to get involved in Project Tiger? How many of us are interested in their dwindling numbers? Okay if Tigers are too scary how about dolphins? They are quite popular in movies but who cares for the fresh water dolphins in the Yamuna? How does it concern us that their numbers are dwindling?

I would be the last person to sermonize on animal preservation but of late I've been thinking of that old adge, "We have not inherited the Earth from our Parents but borrowed it from our Children." So what if we can't go live in the jungle and help animal rescuers or be experts at environmental protection, we can still do our part in the towns and cities that we live. At least look after the animals and birds in your immediate environment.Put out a bird bath. This heat merits some water for them as well. The blessings will flow to you from these dumb animals.

Also set out some grains for them to eat. A full stomach for them will mean blessings to you as well. I remember doing this regularly when we lived in Jodhpur. The water would attract more visitors than the food. Kindness to dumb creatures is still as big a virtue today as it was when we first read about it in our Moral Science books. So do your bit no matter how small it is, nothing is insignificant for every single drop makes the ocean.And some conservation today will ensure that our grandchildren still have forests and animals to visit.

Or else it will be like they show in all the science fiction movies. A dying planet made of metal and glass from which all human beings are trying to escape. That is surely not a sight that I hope I live to see. Give me the lush green scenes any day. I am sure most of you would also prefer nature's bounty to science's inventions. Visually at least if not in actual practice. So let's get moving and give the planet a hand

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