Shamli was on her way to Shimla while she met Leena. Leena was a co-traveller in the bus. While Shamli was having tea at a tea-stall, finding no vacant seat, Leena came and sat at the seat with Shamli's table. Shamli smiled and greeted Leena and the conversation between two ladies began. By the time the bus reached Shimla, they both had become friends.

Shamli was coming from Delhi and going to Shimla on a business tour. Shamli worked with a travel company and had come to Shimla to explore about the business possibilities there. Leena was a localite from Shimla who was studying in Chandigarh.

Leena also invited Shamli to her home but Shamli didn't have enough time, so she humbly refused and promised to be there during her next visit to Shimla. Shamli had many friends in Delhi but Leena was very different. This girl looked so innocent and simple unlike her other friends.

After getting free from her assignment, Shamli still had time so she decided to visit Leena's house and so she rang her up, but Leena had already left for Chandigarh.  Leena's sweet face and simple loving nature were still in her thoughts.

Shamli returned home by the night bus and was soon with her family. Shamli's parents were searching for a bride for her elder brother, Manish. Shamli suggested Leena to them but didn't knew anything about her family.

After fifteen days Shamli and her brother were going to meet Leena at Chandigarh and her parents at Shimla but were not sure whether their proposal would mature into the marriage...



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