Hi buddy,while buying any electronic products,we will get a manual book to how to operate the device.
But if we unfortunately miss the book means we can't get it back.
Some people work without book,but most of the people work only with the help of the book.Once we miss it means,how can we get back.You want to know the solution.
The solution is www.retrevo.com , Here you can get the manual for all the electronic products.
For Example :
If you want a manual book for Digital camera,First click on digital camera section and then select the company and get the manual.
All the books are in PDF formats.To get the books first you need to signup and give your user name and password to access the website.You can also select the books you want and store it in your personal page assigned to you,then you can download it anytime ,when you want.
You can also get newsletteres and articles about new products from this website to your E-Mail.
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