India is a country of wonders but because of our previous blunders our country faces a lot of problems which is still a big concern of worry. People of India are well aware of the pro longed dispute between India and Pakistan regarding  the border. As a citizen of this country i would love to see this issue sorted out  in a good way as anyone would want to, without any doubt.  When will  this tussle between both these countries end is a million dollar question ,but one thing that has been very clear now is  that  terrorists groups have learnt to make use of this oppurtunity well effeciently.  If both the countries fail to realize their mistakes then this will worsen further and eventually lead to another  wars like-Kargil, and by the time  both the nations realize who the loser is money and lives would be missing in great amount. Wars does bring nothing but hatred and only harms  people but very strangely, have anyone of us realised the fact that several  wars which were fought before had nothing to offer.  A common man  can only elect the leader but cannot dicate him even the country has a democratic set up. I am not conveying the fact that wars are  unessential infact wars help a nation to prove it’s statements to a greater extent undoubetly. Dipolamacy will be effective  to a certain extent  but loses it is strength gradually.

     Many may wonder how China has managed to climb to top without the support of english, and this is a fine example of a country can manage itself without the help of any foreign languages. Earlier, India  and Pakistan  have their joined  hands several times  inorder to find some solution and to ensure peace and prosperity in their nations but in the end all the efforts goes in vein. Every time there is a terrorist attack   India blames Pakistan apparently because  the former has always been so reluctant to demolish the terrorists camps operating inside their  country. This rigid  attitude of Pak always pesters  India and other countries as well. We expect India  to change it’s foreign policies to hit back strongly at countries which are adamant but sadly nothing can be done unless India reaches the top position and most importantly India’s soft natured attitude  and it’s genoristy is well known to all nations so any citizen  of this country would love to see his/her country to remain same as it was before.  Even in the past many countries failed to  comprehend the true significance of our nation. 

This is the time to change ourselves and to change others by our reformed attitude. India will survive the difficult times  and will become one of the powerful nations in the world in the near future. It has learnt the directions well , henceforth will know how to make the next move. It is of no doubt that India’s progress  has created   some impact and will continue to do so.


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