Hi,we all know about Bill Gates,One of the World's Richest Man.Thinking of how the house of Bill gates.

Here i share some features of Bill Gates House,which i know.The Style of his House is called "Pacific Lodge".House is fully controlled by electronic systems.The floors of the house are pressure sensitive,which means at given time the family member or security can know that who is in the home by the weight of their footsteps.Speakers are hidden inside the wall,so the music will follow you from room to room.Lights autonmatically turn on when you go inside the house (or) room.Visitors are allowed inside the homw with a microchip.This Chip sends signals throughout the home.

Inside the house you can find:
* A big Swimming pool
* A Theater with 20 people seating capacity,
* A Formal dining room,
* A Reception hall which having capacity of sitting more than 150 people at a time,
* A Conference hall with more facilities,offices
* An Exercise room with equipments,
* A Outdoor sports courts like tennis court,volly ball,etc.,
* And Finally of course with lots of technology devices.

According to the 2002 estimate the worth of his house (land and home ) is $113 Million.

Every Man should have a aim to built a home like him,and ofcourse i'm also having that aim.

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