Life after death(Science and Spirituality)

Science and Spirituality are the two sides of the same coin. Science pursues the eternal truth by formulating equations and relating cause and effects of the nature. Whereas spirituality relates the same causes and effects via unseen things what we call as energy. One who mixes up these two things will either get confused completely or he will understand the eternal truth the truth that everyone wants to know, the history of formation of this earth..

The energy which my friend above referring to is the consequence of spirituality. Energy is a constant universal parameter. Even empty space also has energy which cannot perform Useful Work.

So science does not consider such forms of energies which are physically inactive. These energies are considered by the saints and great philosophers. They say that these energies can be utilized. For using these energies you need faith, they say. Some energy which are denied by science are proved by spiritual awareness. The one who will hold the hands of spirits and pursue science will finally reach the destination.

The real truth. The grand unification So far no one could club both the things together. One is based on pure assumptions and the other is based on the proofs. One who has a rational mind does not believe in baseless assumptions and thus fails to discover the biggest of the mystery. At a certain point science fails to explain the cause to cause the causes. Their Spirits awake and explain the things which are beyond our scope.

Every particle on my body is entangled with every other particle in this universe and every event in the universe is interconnected and influences each other instantly? If that is the case it is another indicator that free will is an illusion.

Even though we know very little about consciousness we know a little bit about brain function and memory. Today we know that brain is not a hardwired machine we thought it was but is very plastic with ability to store and retrieve infinite amount of information. We also know that this is achieved by brain plasticity. Without this facility of storing and retrieving information consciousness has no owner. Even if my consciousness survives after my death.

If you smash a computer CPU it may still be possible to retrieve some of the memory from the memory chips. But if you smash a guy’s head his memory is gone forever as brain is made of organic matter. Brain stores memory in its synaptic connections which needs the support of other body systems like heart, lungs etc to survive.

But what happens to consciousness after death? I have a speculative idea which I want to present here.

I think consciousness is the ability to experience one’s environment. In that case consciousness is present in every particle in a very elementary form evidenced by its ability to recognize the kind of energy field it is in vis-à-vis its own state. When this elementary form of consciousness gets arranged in a mutually supportive configuration like that of a living being, the quality of the consciousness; its ability to experience, goes up to higher levels.

This is similar to the way a living body is a configuration of particles. It becomes a living body only when it gets assembled in a particular mutually supportive configuration. A rock is not live because its particle is not mutually supportive like in a living system. But if the same particles that make up the rock gets assembled in a mutually supportive combination that assembly becomes live. Is it not possible then that the consciousness of the living thing also is the result of combining the elementary consciousness that is present in every particle? Consciousness may not be a phenomenon separate from matter but very much a part of it. May be every particle has a tiny mind.

What exactly is memory? I think it is the ability to record and recall information. In that case computer memory and brain memory differs only in the method of storage. However in the case of brain, memories are event related in the sense it records images of events not just information.. When we recall a past event we recall not only the details of the event but also its space-time location and some details of its surroundings.

When I think of a particular friend it is not only his face and body that comes to my mind but also a lot of other things like major features of his behavior, the last time I met him, and some other events connected with him etc. A whole lot of information suddenly comes to mind like replaying a video in fast mode. This is an amazing feature of brain memory which a computer cannot imitate.



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