Friends,you know about Mukesh Ambani ,one of the worlds richest man.He is one of the man in Top 10 Billionaires list.

He has the aim of building a dream house,and it becomes true now.His House is named as "Antilia".

Here i am going share some features and informations about Antilia.
Antilia is house with 27 floors.The estimated time taken to complete this house is 4 years.The height of the building is estimated as 173(approximately)meters.The cost of the building is estimated as 2 Billion US dollars.

The most remarkable feature of antilia house is that it contains 3 Helipads,168 parking spaces and it requires 600 servents to maintain. The first six floors are assigned for parking cars.He is having more than 150 imported cars.To maintain the cars, a service centre is placed at the same place.The house contains a Mini Theatre with 50 seating capacity.

Two floors are assigned for Guests.4 floors for their family.Below the top floor,two floors are called as "Air Space Floors",which is used to maintain the pressure during the take off and landing of Helicopters.

1 Floor is assigned for Health,here meditation,yoga are done.1 floor is assigned for Emergency equipments like life jackets,oxygens.
One more additional information i have here,that Mukesh Ambani is the only man who is having 3 helipads on the top of the house.
Every Man should have a aim to built a home like this.My aim is to built a house which beat "Antilia".

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