India is one of the largest electronic markets in the world. It is just because the people in India are always changing according to the changing styles of electronic industry. Everyone in India is eager to get updated with the new trends in the market. So the companies are also ready to invest more in the Indian market and they also give lot of offers to attract the customers.

Earlier the electronic goods were jus considered as equipment used to do a work but now it’s changed. In modern life electronic equipments have become the symbol of status and life style. The latest trends in the Indian market include mobile phones, audio/video devices, digital cameras, notebook pc’s and lots more.


Mobile Phones:

Mobile Phones are the most trendy life product of this era. Mobile phone is not a device for communication now but it is a device with features like MP3 playback, still camera, movie camera, voice recording, FM radio, internet, office utilities etc. After communication, most of the users are using mobile phones for mp3 playback and then for taking photos and browsing net. For these facilities most of the mobile phones come with expandable memory through which we can store almost 1000 (1gb card) songs and 5 MP cam for digital quality photos and GPRS and EDGE support for high speed internet.


Media Players:

Another trend is portable media players to watch videos and listening high quality music any time. Portability, high quality and resolution, and expandable memory are the reasons for the increasing demand for these devices. Some other feature of these devices includes creation of custom slideshows, music playback, high resolution movie playback.


Game Consoles:

Portable play stations and Microsoft Xbox are the leading devices in this section, even though they are costly. But this trend is limited to the major cities in India.



Instead of desktop PC’s, notebooks and netbooks have become the trends. Because of the portability and the features available within the same price notebook market is at a high rate and because of long battery life and ultra portability netbooks are also capturing the market.


TV’s and Digital Set Top Box:

Now the trend is LCD and Plasma TV’s. The new high definition video technology revolution has made LCD and Plasma TV’s path very easy to capture the market. The stylish slim design also attracts the customers than the bulky design of CRT TV’s.

The digital revolution also affected the cable television now digital set top boxes from major companies like Tata, Sun network are leading because of the high quality mp4 technology video. Also the customer can select the required channels according to different recharging option.


So if you have not changed yet it’s the time to pack up old trends and go with the latest trends.

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