Words of wisdom

Superstitions indicate irrational fear of the mysteries. We should not become the victim of any superstition. We should be critic and see the reason behind these senseless superstitions.


Superstitions do not have any logical basis but are related to things that can cause us damage.

What is a superstition?

Belief that is not based on reason is known as superstition.


India is many a religions country. In religion many superstitions indicate irrational fear of the mysterious. People who have faith in superstitions are generally religious –minded. It is surprising that not only illiterate people but highly educated people also believe in superstitions. Any now, the belief in superstitions is thoughtless and shows our mental weakness.

Some people are of the view that if a black cat crosses one’s path., it will spell failure in the accomplishment of their goal. Some people are of the view that if a crow caws in the morning on the roof of their house, it is believed that some guest is going to pay a visit to them. If an owl hoots at night on the roof of a house, it is believed that it would bring bad luck to the family. The barking of a dog at night signifies the coming of death of some one. Some people believe that to see a sweeper with a basket full of garbage is a good omen.

When Mena‘s mother inquired him about his result, he said. ``I have been promoted to the next higher class but with grace marks. It is because today some one sneezed when I came out of my house. Was it not a bad omen?’’

Mena’s mother said, `` Dear Ram, you should not believe in superstitions. You have been promoted with grace marks. You may not a prepared your lessons well. Think about that not the superstitions’’.

So, don’t regard anything as a good or a bad omen. Those who are superstitious, slowly lose their self-confidence. They became weak- willed. Some people don not make journey on certain days week, for they believe that certain days of the week are auspicious to under make a journey and that the others are bad. Some people do not start a new project on Tuesday or Saturday. Some people regard dreams as warnings for the coming time.

There is a popular superstition that goes with the hair-cutting. Most of the people believe it an ill omen to get a haircut on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You must have observed that most hair-cutting saloons observe Tuesday as a closed day.

Some people are so foolish that they easily let themselves cheated by rouges that usually change themselves in different forms as Sadhus. Some times they say, `I have a magic box. If you put anything in it, that doubles itself within half an hour. Superstitious men and women give their jewelers to them and those Sadhus run away from there and disappear. You might have read many indicate like this in the newspapers. These Sadhus cheat innocent people. You should not believe them. On the other hand, inform the police about them.’’

There are various kinds of senseless and meaningless beliefs in our society. A black spot marked with `kajal’ on a baby’s head or cheek guards off an evil eye. Instead of finding out the scientific cause of an event, people believe in many supernatural reasons for its occurrence. When someone suddenly meets with an accident or falls ill, they do not make him to a doctor but pray to gods and approach those who pose as Sadhus or Tantriks. As a result the patient’s condition takes a turn for the worse.

Some children believe in ghosts. They do not know that there is nothing like ghosts in the world. You should not forget that everything in the world is being run by god.

You should have a form faith in God. He is the creator and the ruler of the universe. Pray to God from the bottom of heart. It is the best omen. So it is not good to be blind by superstitions. Do not become a victim of any superstition and irrationality. Be critic and see the reason behind these senseless superstitions. Raise your voice against them.


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