While playing poker they make money by charging a rake for every game you play. This amount differs on the basis of the nature of game you play. They deduct a percentage of the amount of all pot when a flop is seen. So if you are playing a tournament then this amount will add up. So there are certain ways to clear get back this amount while playing poker. Let’s see how it can be achieved. ?

First deposit bonus

It’s the amount added up to your account while you deposit the first amount in your poker account. It ranges from 50% of your initial deposit to 150% of your deposit amount. So with a site having 100% deposit bonus, when you deposit a 600$ then you will get $1200 in your account.


This is another option for getting back of the amount you deposited. It varies for different poker rooms. Its estimated based on the percentage of monthly gross revenue. Some rooms provide rake back to the players directly while some others make it through affiliates. The major disadvantage of affiliate rake back is that it can provide rakeback for the single game you play. When you start another game you will not get any rakeback

Kickback bonus

This is another kind of bonus amount similar to that of first deposit bonus. First deposit bonuses are slower than kick back bonus. So it is advisable to clear the first deposit bonus while you play for lower stakes as soon as you meet the requirements for kickback. If the first deposit doesn’t meet the requirements for the kickback then make the second deposit after the first.

From the above data it will be clear that what the all terms mean. Now let’s see the relationship between rakeback and first deposit bonus.

We can clear the first deposit bonus while we receive rakeback. But the problem residing behind this is that it while clearing the bonus your gross amount in the account decreases and thereby when calculating the rakeback amount the decrease in percentage of gross amount will badly affect the rakeback amount. So keep this in mind while clearing first deposit bonus. It will be advisable to clear the first deposit bonus after receiving rake back amount. Also keep in mind that doesn’t go for kickback affiliate payment schemes. It will be disadvantageous for you to choose kickback affiliate scheme.

It’s a big problem to choose which poker site. You have to research a lot while choosing online poker site. You should concern about the bonus levels and the rakeback percentages. Also you should think about the closeness between bonus and rake back amount.

If you play poker in any site you will get a part of the site promotion profit in the form of rake amount. This is calculated based on the percentage of the amount you deposit. For getting the rakeback there are two alternatives. The first one is

You have to sign up for bonuses near the poker sites. Basically these are affiliate sites. The more you refer on these sites the more will be the rakeback. On some sites they pay a portion of the amount of you pay. This is the right alternative for affiliate rakeback schemes. You can get up to 25-40% of rakeback. Usually rakeback amount is calculated on every month. The gross amount of that month is calculated ant rakeback amount is fixed based on this.

In addition to rakeback you can earn through sign up bonuses. These are the new attractions provided by poker sites for attracting more clients. With bonuses you can get a percentage of the amount you pay. First deposit bonus is the amount paid for the first amount you add to your poker account for the first time. For example let assume that a site is giving first deposit bonus of around 50%. And you deposit 100$. Then you will get an addition of 50$. Then your account will have 150$. You can withdraw that amount based on your needs.

If you want get more of the advantages then you should go for sign up bonuses. When compared to rakeback amounts sign up bonuses are more than rakeback amounts. For example when a site pays a 40% of rakeback amount then he will get 80$ for 400$ he paid. While for sign up bonus it may range from 300$. Let’s see the difference in the amounts.

You should be careful while clearing the first deposit bonus. While you clear the first deposit bonus your gross margin drops for a month and hence the rakeback amount also drops. So we can say that rakeback and bonus clearing are inversely proportional. So while clearing bonus thinks twice.

By keeping this factors in mind you will be able to succeed in the poker gaming.

There are several rake back deals available for you while you browse through various poker sites. The flashing banners and winking animations will carry you onto a belief that this site is better. However the actual rake back deals provided in such sites will be hard to follow and the real face of this rake back deals can be found out by checking Terms and conditions of that site. In this article I am going to discuss various aspects about best rake back deals and the factors which are to be kept in mind while selecting a rake back deal.


To know how to select best rake back deals you should understand various rake back deals available. Let us discuss some of them.


Contribute rake back

In this rake back deals you will get a percentage of money that you contributed to rake back in your pocket. Or you may get a percentage of overall rakes back since you are contributed for a pot.

Dealt rake back

This is the best option of rake back when compared to contribute rake back. In this you will get a percentage of the money till you have cards in your hands and you have contributed for pot. Also you can fold and receive rake back. You have to contribute only when you have to bet on your hand and when you are seated on blind position.


There are several tools provided in the poker sites itself for helping you to calculate rake back earnings and thereby you can choose the best poker site. You can get rake back from a low-end of 25% to high end of 35%.


While thinking of the advantages of rake back deals, it is providing the user to get back a portion of the rake amount he is paying. Besides that many sites will be offering up bonuses for playing games on their sites. The thing is that rake back is provided on this additional bonus amount also. So it will be advantageous for the user. Also some websites provide more rake back deal for site promotions. They work on affiliate basis and help the clients to get better rake back deals based on the reference level they have made.


However sometimes it will be disadvantageous for the players. This situation arises when you invest on pots a huge amount of money and you will not get any benefit from it. This will be similar to that you are throwing out of money from your pocket and you will not get it back.





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